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    1) wii £179.99
    2) 360 £189.99
    3) PS3 £424.99

    This is an amazing price for a console with as good graphics as the PS3 for about the same price as a wii.

    PLUS+ Amazing Games only for the 360

    Halo 3
    Mass Effect
    Gears of War
    Exclusive GTA IV downloads
    amazing xbox live.

    Great deal for soo little.

  2.  New coming out next month!!!!


    Apple do make the best mp3/mp4 players and the only reason this is soo cheap is because theres a new one coming out next month. Last year my friend came back from his hols and was soo happy he had a new ipod. 2 weeks later a new range were out.
    Apple upgrade every year and so i would buy an ipod when its still a couple of months new.

  3.  Great Film


    This film is amazing. Its a bit like American History X, if u ever saw that.
    A must see film.

  4.  Great Plasma


    This is a great product. Panasonic make some very good quality plasmas and this is their top of the line. Best 50 inch TV out there.

  5.  Amazing Game! Great new features!!!


    Loads of updates from the xbox version.
    Able to make your own map
    Full HD 1920-by-1200. New improved graphics.
    Best ever online shooter on the xbox now on the PC
    Play xbox 360 vs PC.

  6.  Plasma v LCD!


    Plasma are better for the living room because they have much deeper blacks and look much better in the dark.
    LCD work best in bright rooms like a kitchen.
    If you looking for a good plasma. Panasonic and Pioneer make the best. Pioneer cost £5000
    This is a great TV and a must buy.

  7.  Better than C&C 3!


    This is the best C&C game ever.
    I would recommend buying the expansion pack for loads more fun.
    Compared to AOE this game is much more about attacking than defending and is much more fun.

  8.  Looks Amazin!!!


    Amazing best songs are:
    1) Bleed It Out
    2) Leave Out All The Rest
    3) No More Sorrow
    4) Given Up
    5) What I've Done

    Just listen to Bleed It out its by far their best song.
    Only really got into 5 of their songs but thats enough for me.

  9.  More than just a PC monitor!


    This plays everything and anything and its all in HD.

    It is £50 more than other 22 monitors, but its worth all the extra for the TV tuner HDMI component input and style.

    Great for: connecting a laptop to or just playing your 360 on.

    A must buy.

  10.  Amazing Deal!


    Dont even consider this.

    Its £125 cheaper than the PS3

    and you get 4 games 2 of them amazing titles

    You also get an extra controller for co-op on Gears Of War.

    Best deal on the web. Just buy it!