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  1.  Almost 2 years on and still playing sweet music to my ears


    I really can't recommend these headphones enough, I seem to have small ear canals or something so regular earphones don't seem to fit my ears which is quite a pain to be honest, so I bought these July '08 to compliment an iPod purchase. Heavy use from using them every day on the bus and back from school.

    -good quality playback
    -negligible sound leakage
    -very secure head fit

    -not discrete
    -will not fit all head sizes
    -Neckband can be annoying

    Things have slowly been falling apart whilst I've owned them so I think its only right to list what went and how long it took.
    First to go was the little rubber cover on the audio jack, it's still there and does protect the jack but it's no longer fixed down onto it.
    Next to go was the connection between the silvery part holding the ear buds and the big grey band, this area sort of split open which was worrying at the time (maybe 6months in or so??) but it hasn't deteriorated any further so it's only a very minor cosmetic issue.
    Last to go would be the little green rubbery pads over the ear buds, they eventually lost their grip and wouldn't reliably stay on any longer, but I've stuck them in a drawer and even without them the product doesn't seem to function any differently at all.

    Maybe I should also add that as with all headphones the quality of playback did decrease a little bit from very heavy use on semi-regular very high volumes, so there's a little bit of distortion which is noticeable on the higher frequencies at high volumes - It took a while to develop but hasn't got any worse since it did at least a year ago now.
    They preform best in my opinion with rock/pop/alternative/techno, but I guess that's probably expected? They don't preform badly with anything though in my opinion.

    Not sure how long they'll continue to last now though, considering I stood on them a couple of weeks ago and now there's a big crack in the casing next to the ear bud which may well spread.. might try to glue it back together though considering how well these have served me so far for just 15GBP at the time.

    Would definitely recommend, I can't say they have any obvious detrimental flaws.. I'm sure they're good for regular sports use as I've done cycling, unicyling and err.. running for the bus with these and the neckband is only annoying when you're running with a coat or something with a large collar close to your head - hoodies don't work and lying in bed with your head on the pillow doesn't work either.

    Not sure what else to add, I've had a lot of experience with these headphones but I've probably already said too much - hope someone finds this review helpful!

  2.  Brilliant piece of kit


    I got these speakers to go with my new Samsung TV, and they are awesome.
    They handle the high tones with clarity, and the bass can be turned up to ground-shaking levels.

    Quality, and powerful speakers for the low price.

  3.  Highly recomended


    I bought the LE26R88BD which is technically identical to the product show here, only differing in the positioning of the buttons and it also has a small blue LED at the front of it.

    This Tv only has minor downfalls, and as far as I can tell they are only the remote controller's response (1/2 sec), and the freeview.

    However, with minor changes, the freeview's picture can be improved vastly. I suggest these settings:
    Picture Mode: Standard/Dynamic
    Contrast: 90
    Brightness: 45
    Sharpness: 55
    Colour: 52
    Tint: 52/48
    Colour Tone: Cool1
    Detailed Settings:
    Black Adjust: medium
    Dynamic Contrast: high
    Edge Enhancement: On
    Colourspace: Auto
    Backlight: 8
    Digital NR (Noise Reduction): Auto
    DNIe: On
    Movie Plus: Off
    Size: Auto-Wide
    Screen Mode: 16:9
    Energy Saving: Off

    Of course you may want to change these settings to fit your preference.

    This Tv has great support, 2xHdmi, 1xcomponent, 2xScart, 1xVGA.
    Also it has great picture if you decide to connect it up to a HD/component source like a Blu Ray player, and it even has a 'gaming mode' which will speed up the Tv's responses to make sure your experience is the best it can be with any gaming console.

    Overall this Tv offers quality for an astounding price, and it deserves serious consideration if you are looking for a screen for your bedroom, living room, or any other rooms.