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  1.  Makes me happier than a 3 yr old at easter!!!


    Well, I feel quite passionate about the excellence of this product so 2 reviews for you, one quick and one long protracted affair for the tech geeks and audiophiles - I fall somewhere in the middle of the two.

    Quick review. Simply put, their are better sound systems out there. They start at approximately 350-499. And they aren't leagues better either just technically better - Ill explain that in the detailed review.

    For your money at the moment around 80 their is no better sound system on this planet. Stupendous value. After owning this for a year I've bought a second for my front room as my 2.1 system (I have babies who would eat and destroy a 5.1 - yes I know I'm upset about the lack of surround too) Its that good it makes my plasma TV's speakers sound like they are made of tin foil.

    For those on a budget I would happily pay 200 for this I think its that good so around 80 is an absolute steal - get it.


    Ok so how does this differ from:

    BOSE 199-299, arcam rcube 350-, B&W zeppelin 499. - the main competition.

    Bose - not the force they once were their tech has lost its way, my in ear buds were quite frankly rubbish as is their speaker system for ipod. So Boom-dock trounces all over it for bass, treble, volume and value. Sounds are clearer on the boom-dock too.

    Arcam and B&W - These guys take audio processing to the next level by extracting the raw data from the iPod and not using the built in amplifier, instead using their own custom built audio processing chips which make up the bulk of the cost. These re-sample the mp3's filling in the parts that the mp3 compression has taken away producing a cleaner more natural sound, resulting in less distortion. If Price isn't an issue or you cannot tell the difference then I would plump for one of these two, but they are between 3-5 times more costly and they don't produce the same level of deep bass.

    Personally Im not an audiophile and I actually prefer the raw sound the boom-dock pushes out.

    As an iPhone 4 owner I admit I haven't experienced any interference but if you do switch it on to air plane mode. you're at home with a non portable device so people can reach you on the land line.

    Lastly. FM/AM and not DAB. Thank god for that as FM sounds better. If you do want to listen to some random radio station on dab download TUNEIN app on iPhone/ipod touch or a similar streaming radio app, most are free anyway and sound fantastic on the boom-dock.

    Quick point, the audio in allows you to connect any other device using 3.5mm to RCA. Buy a quality gold plated oxygen free copper cable for this to prevent distortion.

    Hope this was helpful!!!

  2.  poor quality


    second piece of equipment bought from trust. you get what you pay for unfortunately. this stopped working shortly before the 12 month warranty lapsed and i have hardly ever used it. Trust is a brand not to be trusted for quality buy nice or buy twice. Avoid

  3.  Not user friendly


    as a reletively experience it person i expected this device to do what it said on the tin which is to plug and play. It didnt, causing system crashes and then simply not working. Im dissapointed and after a little research, quite a few have suffered similar problems. Avoid.