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  1.  Living & Dying In L.A.


    As previously mentioned by Kevin, Angel the series was forever in the shadow of parent show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Angel didn't have silent or musical episodes. Angel didn't tragically lose a parent either - he ate his (and they "tasted like chicken").

    What started initially as a Victim Of The Week soon evolved into stories relating to the central core of characters, bringing a new member into the fold with each season. The mythology of the Buffyverse grew more within Angel than it ever did in Buffy, and the series really began to stand on its own two feet with Season 3 when Buffy moved networks. Complicated and deep story arcs tragic deaths, emotional storytelling, excellent writing, wonderful characters and a wicked good end to the series make Angel one of my favourite TV shows of all time...

  2.  Treated, Not Tricked


    Over the past few years, I have been so disappointed with so many movies - and the horror genre is rife with movies failing to deliver. "Trick 'r Treat" is the first film I have watched in a long time that I thoroughly enjoyed and from start to finish. Beautifully shot, well written (with a number of allusions and references to other genre entries) and brilliantly acted. The cleverness in the interwoven stories becomes more and more apparent with every viewing, and "Trick 'r Treat" should be Hallowe'en equivalent of "It's A Wonderful Life" and watched every year on Hallowe'en night...

  3.  Wonderfalls: Season 1


    Shown on Sky One a few years back and from the same pen as "Dead Like Me", "Wonderfalls" is one of the best shows of the past few years. Of course - like many other US shows of this decade - it was prematurely cancelled.

    And just like VampFan, if this show was released on Region 2 DVD, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Only four episode were shown in the US, and they get a Region 1 DVD release. We had the entire season aired, and we get nothing!