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  1.  Very poor game...


    Please bare in mind that i'm writing this review to compare the game as it stands alone and in comparison to the first Vietcong game.

    Vietcong 2 is an extreme step down from the first, the graphics are no way near as good (i'd compare them to a game dated roughly 10 years ago), the gameplay isn't half as good (bitty at best, runs like a Tarantino movie, too many cuts and flicks to the next part), weapons are not as good (totally unrealistic where the first game actually seemed like you were there firing that weapon).

    Overall i'd suggest not buying this game to people who have played the first, i'm sorry but it's a huge let down for me. it plays out more like it was aimed for under 12's which, for it's setting is a bad idea to begin with.

  2.  Superb Gaming mouse.


    Up until buying this mouse i always swore by the MX518 logitech mouse. The Saitek Cyborg is supreme for gaming, comfortable design with adjustable length to suit the user, standard 3 buttons + Scroll, 4 buttons on thumb section with POV too. 3 settings for sensativity, fully customisable through the software provided. In FPS games i can turn on a sixpence yet still get great accuracy, in MMOs i customise the buttons for various tasks and can pretty much sit back and play one handed using just the mouse.

    A must buy for any gamer.

  3.  Money well spent.


    I've always been a die hard fan of logitech peripherals, a friend said i should try this out, so i did. Best purchase i've ever made!!!!!

    Every feature of the keyboard is perfect for gaming, almost fully customisable and you can select your own led colours (from 4 colours) for different sections of the keyboard.. I highly reccomend this as a gamers keyboard, whether mmos or fps games this is the one for you. Trust me.

  4.  Extremely good Headset


    I bought these a while back when they were £17.99 and have been over the moon with them since.

    10/10 for sound quality and clarity
    10/10 mic pickup and lack of distortion

    The reviewer who gave 1 star has been honest and fair with his review/feedback but i have to say this.. it's a microsoft item, don't expect miracles on a PS2/3 when the headset is designed for a PC.

  5.  Best MMORPG ever!!!!


    Although a lot of people have tried this game out and cancelled their subscription within a few days or perhaps even a week, it still remains in my eyes the best MMORPG ever.. Graphics are awesome even on the lowest of settings, gameplay is similar to other MMO's so not much of a learning curve and the combat system is far superior to any other MMO on the market today. Yes there is the odd niggle here and there but nothing that would or should cause a person to cancel their account (in my opinion). It's the most successful and least buggy release of a game like this ever and it's only gonna get better. Anyone who says the game has too many bugs has to realise that this game is a fairly recent release and bugs are being sorted asap, every other mmo i've played to date is still bugged years after it's release. I can honestly say that this is a true MMORPG as well, every other MMO is just that, and MMO not an MMORPG.

    Awesome game, awesome graphics, great gameplay. overall 5/5