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  1.  a great, brutal modern fighting flick


    i dunno what the guy below me is talking about giving this movie 1 star. films like house of the dead and alone in the dark are 1 star movies, this is not. and for a "top reviewer" on here to be giving such a misleading review makes me sad.

    michael jai white stars as a powerful martial artist who after serving some time in prison vows to protect a friends spouse who has become almost a hostage to a criminal gang leader and street fight organiser. Isaiah (mr white) gets himself involved in the fights in order to work his way to the top and rescue the girl.

    it isnt the most original concept ever but the fight scenes are fantastic. perfectly choreographed and brutal, michael really shows off his ability as a martial artist and absolutely whoops everyones ass right to the final confrontation.

    imdb users rate this 6.6 out of 10 with 15,000 votes and id say a 7 is about right for this movie. if you like fighting flicks its definately one for the collection or even if you arent that fond of them you may still enjoy. it is more than worth the watch.

    my play.com rating: 4/5

  2.  a perfect tarantino take on the american western


    ok so i wasn't too hyped up about this movie. i didn't jump at the chance to see it at the cinema or anything like that but now that i've watched it im glad i did. this film is brimming with talent from jamie fox who does a fantastic job as the lead. christoph waltz as doctor schultz, leonardo dicaprio as the nasty calvin candie, and sam jackson as the unexpected antagonist old stephen.

    all of these actors do a fantastic job and they are well backed up by a brilliant story and some great action. the violence here is next-level and in tarantino style it is sparse but OTT brilliant when it happens.

    i will give this film a 9/10, falling just short of brilliance due to its excessive length, and tarantino's awful cameo.

  3.  massively disapointing


    I dont know why anyone on here is rating this anything above 2 stars because i wanted to turn it off on more than one occasion. The fact that this horrible excuse for a movie is released on blu-ray before the classic romero series on which it is supposedly based gets a uk release is just an embarrasment. It isn't anything close to the original 80s day of the dead and the only things that remain in this remake are bub and a couple other names. Most of the ideas, effects and acting in this version are abysmal but it isn't the worst film ive ever seen. So for me 1/5 .. Only watch if you have to, as i did, to compare it to its predecessor.

  4.  worth seeing for zombie fans


    dance of the dead is a fairly low budget zom-com with no widely known actors and there is virtually no media coverage for it either. needless to say it is well worth seeing for zombie or comedy fans.

    the acting is overall fairly good. the cast does a good job of filling their roles and for the most part you care about what happens to them. look out for the cool highschool bully and the gym coach. 7/10

    the dialogue is a little hit and miss. sometimes the characters come out with cringeworthy lines or just things that are completely unconvincing and silly at the time or just cliche. other times characters come out with some funny and appropriate lines such as the coach with "ill have this place wired like a crackhead drinkin' a red bull". id say the dialogue is half cheesy half decent/funny/cool. 6/10

    the special effects are top notch. the sets, makeup, gore and general effects are all really really good for this kind of movie and there isnt a whole lot to complain about. 9/10

    the camerawork and editing is also good with little to complain about. you can tell here and there that its a low budget film from handheld movements, one too many premature cuts to black, etc. 7/10

    the pacing is pretty good throughout, the film takes around half an hour to get going before the zombie action picks up but from then on, theres always something to keep you interested as the film develops. 7/10

    overall the the effects, the acting, pacing, camerawork, and dialogue come together to make a far above average b movie zom-com. it isnt quite on par with shaun of the dead, but it isnt too far off. think 'teen shaun of the dead with a lower budget centered around a highschool prom' and uve got dance of the dead.


  5.  best value for money headset on the market


    just what it says in the title. this is simply the best value for money gaming headset on the market at the moment. at this price (17.99 gbp at time of writing) your getting a headset as good as any big name brand (logitech, steelseries, razer) but for more than half, even a quarter the price.
    for years ive used headsets like the steelsound 5h v2 (had 3 of those) and icemat siberia's etc .. spending as much as 65 quid a pop. this puts them to shame doing just as good a job for its price.

    the headphones are great, a little tight on first few wears but then u barely know they'r on after a while. the mic is retractable and when pulled out is slightly far from your mouth but when ive spoken on ventrilo or teamspeak this hasnt been reported as a problem, i seem to be recieved at a decent volume on +10 mic boost. you may just want to tweak your settings in windows or ts/vent to get the right result.

    you also get a little volume control and mic mute unit along the cable like you do on the steelsound 5h etc.

    my only gripe with this is that the cable could be slightly longer and the design / build can look a bit cheaper than the big name brands but for 17.99 this is just nitpicking.


  6.  honest review


    i bought these because i was looking for a cheap replacement for a set of speakers that just died on me. i was looking for something that i could play music through at a decent volume with decent bass.

    these are NOT those speakers.

    if you are wanting to play music regularly and get decent sound you will NOT get that from these.

    i have tried every configuration of sound presets on my computer and no matter what, the sound comes out extremely tinny and distorted. dont listen to other reviewers saying they can be configured to play good quality sound at high volumes. they wont. they do not have a bass knob or anything. they are barebones simple usb speakers with just a volume knob, on/off switch and a headphone jack. they are also pretty small at around 12cm tall.

    if you're looking for something to just provide basic sound and you dont listen frequently to music, these will be fine and have done the job for me in that respect just fine. but as soon as you throw on some music, forget about it.


    ill be looking into something a little more expensive now.

    money reflects quality 99% of the time folks ;)

  7.  worth getting only if you got the cash to splash


    so ive had this keyboard for around 6 months. this is my 2nd lycosa, both from play, and before i get on with the review, i want to say that despite these negatives, i do love this keyboard and want to buy another one but a now somewhat tighter budget puts me off.

    so anyway, the first one i got was faulty in the way detailed by another review (songs skipping in itunes, back-light settings taking on a mind of their own, requiring unplug).

    the 2nd i got has worked fine for the last 6 months up until recently keys have gotten stuck when pressed down, some become completely unresponsive until the keyboard is unplugged and plugged back in.

    in addition, the keys i use most while gaming ( W, A, S and D, shift & ctrl for FPS games) are now completely worn of their rubber surface where the letter originally was so the backlighting just shines through the clear plastic completely.

    on the bright side, the keyboard looks fantastic, feels fantastic, and works like a charm until it doesn't.

    i want to recommend it to gamers of all kinds, but whether you get a reliable one or not is luck of the draw.


  8.  bioshock 2 nutshell review


    First of all i'd just like to say that if you haven't played through the first Bioshock game to do so as soon as possible before you buy this otherwise you'l be completely unaware of where you are, what you are and pretty much just whats going on around you. The first Bioshock game was fantastic, and Bioshock2 is a very worthy sequal.

    Without making any spoilers the game takes place years after the first, and essentially puts you in the shoes of a prototype 'Big Daddy', the hulking sea-diver/cyborg-like abominations from the first game. You are subject 'Delta', a big daddy who has broken free from the control of its master, and woken to find your 'little sister' is missing. The prototype that you are, you have a special lifelong 'bond' to your little sister, and one of the primary goals of the game is to evidently be re-united with yours and help bring down the new tyrant of Rapture, Sophia Lamb, in the process. The story isnt quite as involving and interesting as the first game, but is is nevertheless very well told and keeps you wanting to continue on through the action to reach the end. The combat however is vastly improved and you can now use plasmids (the various genetical enhancements gained throughout the game), along with various weapons both at the same time. There are some fun weapons to be had including a gatling gun, torpedo gun that pins enemies to walls, double barrelled shotgun and more. All of these weapons can be upgraded one upgrade at a time from specific upgrade stations along the way. Upgrades include clip size, damage increase etc, and when an upgrade is applied, the model of the weapon changes accordingly. E.g. increasing the ammo capacity of the shotgun applies 2 extra barrels on the sides of the shotgun which looks neat.

    The graphics in Bioshock2 are on the same engine (the Unreal3 engine), but look much more glossy, detailed and refined than in the previous game. I am running this on a fairly average price Geforce GTX 260, a duel core Intel Core2 Duo, and 4GB ram yet im able to play on high settings, max resolution with no slowdown whatsoever.

    The sound is also top notch. You can hear splicers (the deformed citizens of rapture) talking amongst themselves before being engaged, the weapons sound cool, the music builds good atmosphere etc etc.

    I have yet to check out the multiplayer because im so caught up in the single player still, but have heard it is pretty generic and wont hold people for too long. But i wont acknowledge this as a credible fault since i only really got this for its engrossing singleplayer.

    Overall this is an essential purchase for shooter fans who like a bit more to their games than mindless shooting or generic style shooters.


  9.  best program on tv


    In my opinion, lost is far and away the best program i have ever watched. I don't watch a huge range of program's because i have a pretty short attention span. I started watching lost from the first episode up through to the first few episodes of season 3 and lost track of it, but managed to catch up when i borrowed season 3 and 4 from work (blockbuster video). I ended up watching both seasons back-to-back with no break, and only wanted more when i'd gotten through them. Watching season 5 at the moment and all i can say is that if you're not watching this already, you're missing out hugely.
    Lost is about a bunch of people who crash land on a mysterious island in 2004 after their plane, oceanic flight 815 encounters severe turbulence and goes miles off course. We'r soon introduced to a handful of the survivors who become the key characters and are told their life stories through various flashbacks, and soon discover large connections between them all, and more and more mysteries and secrets of the people and the island itself are brought to light as the series goes on. By season 5 the series changes dramatically from a simple 'survivors' drama to an action-packed, scientific mystery drama with all kinds of messages, ideas and ideologies.
    A simply outstanding tv show. 5/5

  10.  disapointing compared to first FEAR


    i dont understand all the 4 and 5 stars out of 5. When it comes down to it, this is quite a hefty disapointment compared to the first game. The gun combat and 'action movie' feel of the first is just completely gone. The guns feel pitiful and weak compared to the first, and the environment damage is also considerably toned down. There was nothing quite like the destruction, mayhem and violence of the first FEAR, where you could literally tear up a room of enemies with grenades and bullet fire in slow motion. This just isnt in the game anymore.
    The actual atmospherics on the other hand have been vamped up a bit, and i found myself on edge and genuinely freaked out by a lot of the creepy scenes the game threw at me. Also the story seems pretty none existant, or at least to a point where i didn't give a damn anymore about any of the characters. I still remember faces of characters from the first game, how they spoke and acted and they were generally memorable. FEAR 2 ive gotten so far and, im afraid to say ive uninstalled it before completion. I completed FEAR 1 on all difficulties at least twice because it was that awesome.
    Though i have to say the first game mixed the action and horror together absolutely perfectly, it seems this time around they have ditched the action in favour of a more horror-orientated game, and the results are, as i stated, disapointing. 3/5