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  1.  Quirky and real


    I have only read this book in the Shopaholic series I have to say I was disappointed compared to Remember Me and Twenties Girl. I couldnt connect with the main character Becky and struggled to get in to it however towards the middle I started to enjoy it and appreciated its humour. I like the realism portrayed with her childs misbehaviour and the struggles she faces as a mother. I will definitely be reading the others in the series as Sophie Kinsella is an amazing author and im sure her other works wont disappoint.

  2.  Magical and endearing!!


    I love this book I highly recommend it! Its a book everyone can relate to. It explores the answers people want when finishing a relationship and the excitement of starting a new one. Its really endearing how the two characters Sadie and Lara are from different times and yet are so close. It shows the strengths and weaknesses of family and how far loyalty goes. This is a magical story and a truly special ending. Definitely read this!!

  3.  You will definitely remember this story!


    This is my favourite Sophie Kinsella book that I have read so far! I read it in a day I just couldnt put it down. It is a lovely story and you put yourself in the shoes of the character feeling her frustration at trying to unravel her forgotten years. I like the message it sends that things may look perfect on the outside but inside its a different story. I adore the determination the character has of continuing life rather than admitting defeat with her memory loss. This is a must read!!

  4.  I love this series!!


    this is the 6th book in the last vampire series and it is just brilliant!!! Some parts can be quite dark and gruesome but it gives a darker view on vampires and doesnt sugar coat how dangerous they can be. This book is also quite emotional and you discover new depths to how she longs for a family. Definitely read this if you are into vampires and danger.

  5.  Brilliant thriller


    This book took me a while to get in to with all the Norweigan city and peoples names, but once i read it properly i couldnt put it down, the murders and investigations are brilliant and keep you guessing and guessing who's committiing them... the ending will leave you shocked and wanting to read the rest of the series... its a must buy.

  6.  Brilliant Read


    I read this book in class when i was about 13 and it was a brilliant read, rather spooky but shows that once you have a mission set in your mind your determination will make sure you follow it through.

  7.  Gripping and heartfelt


    As i am a fan of vampire novels, i bought this book to add to my collection. As soon as i started reading it i was captured, it explores the loneliness that the character feels being one of a kind and her difficulties to hide what she is from the public. It is gruesome in some parts when it details how they drink blood etc so beware. It is a brilliant story including love, lust, emptiness and historical facotrs.

  8.  Disappointment


    This book had a lot of potential and failed to deliver as it should have. It only briefly tells you of a few short days of Brees vampire life. It should have explored how she was when she was first turned into a vampire a bit more, so the reader has more background information. I do like how it includes the volturi though as you get more of an understanding of what they are up to, as Eclipse doesnt reveal this aspect. Its worth reading but once is enough.

  9.  Absolutely amazing!!


    I could not put this book down, its darker and faster paced than the first one. I love how Cassie think she is this simple girl but actually is very powerful and holds the secret key to black johns undoing. I love how L.J. Smith has protrayed friendship, showing that you can think someone is your enemy but they are truly your friend just putting up a tough shield. The romance is sweet and i like how it shows boys will be boys. If you love magic and witches this is definitely a must read. Although this is initially for children both myseld (who is 19) and my mum who is in her 40's loved it too.

  10.  Darker and more dramatic


    Ever since reading the first book i have been addicted to this series, it brings a new meaning to vampires showing that they arent all blood sucking demons. I love how Zoe portays how strong a first love is and what she would do to keep him. This book is a lot about sacrifices and i think its brilliant how it shows what teenagers go through with first boyfriends etc. The darker it gets the more mysterious and enticing the book becomes. I do find i am beginning to want it to be wrapped up though as i find it dragging in certain areas.