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  1.  EA Strike Again


    I am a big fan of mysims...and enjoyed the first one very much.only thing was the 5 minute loading times (lol)..i was a little skeptical of this one, but it is far better, there is about 30 secs loading time and thats it really, building is quick and very easy and the graphics are even cuter, it has a far better storyline as well
    Easily worth the money and deserves five stars, recommended!

  2.  Dissapointed


    My Daughter was really looking forward to this game
    but after the bad press it got she dicided she didn't want it
    we went shopping and bought it pre-owned for 10 pounds
    after 10mins of playing she was almost in Tears because she couldn't control Nights and even the nunchuck control is very confusing!

    I would recommend renting or buying it pre-owned as 29.99 is over priced in my opinion

  3.  woah! mamma mia!


    at first the game looks like a simple game using a nunchuck and or a wii remote
    but be warned! it is great for a work out and building your upper body strength! I would really recommened this game =)

  4.  Great


    This was my first Zelda Game and I must say that it is the best! The ability to change into wolf link Is great! For a newcomer (like me!) the Dungeons are very tricky and keep you going for ages! I love the Cut scenes and The animation is fantastic herding is great and Midna is one of the greatest Characters!
    buy this and you will not be disapointed! :)

  5. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £9.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.99

     Perfect stuff


    My Daghter loves this game!! We got it before the english release date & it only took 1 day to arrive!
    My daughter cannot stop playing this game and spends at least 7 hrs a day & never gets Bored!!
    if you buy this game Money will NOT be wasted!