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  1.  Okish


    Watched this film with the thought of Arnies classic Total Recall in mind, what stood out was the special effects which were really good but it would help if there was a better script to mach.. Set in England in the future instead of Mars like the old version, similar plot ive lost my memory and now regained it but no classic one liners or humor like Arnies charactor and lack of aliens as its not set on mars mining complex... If you like running, chasing cat and mouse films with good special effects and boring script you will like this film, Probably more aimed at young generation audiances who didnt see the classic version

  2.  too many arguments


    Season 1 was much better than season 2, i wish tho the main sheriff character would make his own journey and not mix up into a group of argumentive individuals that became into some soap opera in season 2. I found season 2 far to long winded with arguments with each other and found some of the zombies acting better than the live characters. Has for losing the little girl, u would thought they check the barn first?

  3.  nice but sizing wrong


    I ordered a large as im a 42 chest so like to have shirts loose. when i received the shirt and tried it on it was so tight on me like a size small and im not a big weighty guy. i had to return it for a refund

  4.  kids in space


    I watched the dvd of this film last night expecting to be blown away by all the good reviews but i felt it could had been done better..

    First of all ive have seen the original series, the next generation series, voyager series and the not so good star trek later series so i know quite a bit about star trek and there for couldnt help feeling the new film was kids trying to copy the original series.. no way would a young kirk be flying a federation ship and we never saw much of them training.. the mr spock romance with uhura made her look like a tart, she wouldnt do that and mr spock wouldnt be snogging her too..

    The effects in the film were briliant, the story was average so i feel that this film could do better and some of the cast could been a bit older so it doesnt look like the thunderbirds film..

  5.  toilet humour


    This film you must see with a few cans of beer with mates or if you have a daft sence of humour like i do.. Dont take it serious and expect oscars for this film like some reviewers seem to expect... The cat was my favourite character, it made me cry laughing

  6.  well worth buying


    I watched this film awhile back now but still cant get it out of my head and wanting to watch it again and again.. Ive always liked martial art films but never got into asian cinema properly until i lost my hearing and had to rely on subtitles.. I started to watch this film not thinking much about it maybe was put off with everyone comparing it to ong bak which i didnt like and thought it was over hyped. I loved the way this film builds up to a young woman that knows what she wants and goes out to get it with her disability. If you like martial arts and can put up with subtitles and a bit of humour, not to much just enough to make you smile, then this film is for you.

    P.S tony jam jar noo thank you...Jet li films yes please..

  7.  x files lost the plot


    If you want to believe this film is good and you like x files, just think of any bad episodes in the past of x files series and then think of mulder and scully as a couple with a relationship that has no future. Then extend it.. You have this film

    Its a shame as many others were big x files fans at the time and this shows that it was rushed with a weak script, no monsters or aliens to keep you on the edge of your seat like the series. Atleast x files film 1 looked like a film, this looks so much like a bad episode that shouldnt had been made.

  8.  gripping series with optional subtitles too


    I saw this on the bbc quite some time now and thought it was excellent series .. each episode i couldnt wait to see what happened next.. Very good acting ... I must state i wasnt sure getting this as i am deaf and no subs were listed .. Im pleased to say there are subtitles on this dvd.. bargain price, every must get this

  9.  soft and warm


    I brought this top knowing nothing about it and thought it looked nice and warm.. I recieved this and i was right, lovely top.. warm and fluffy inside.. I am a 42 - 44 chest and large fit was just right for me .. Only downside was i had to put it in the wash at a low temp as it smelt a bit like a cold warehouse, thats why i took a star off

  10.  classic


    I was one of those lucky people that went to the cinema to see this film.. I came out thinking wow i got to get this on dvd when it comes out.. ive seen it so many times now and still enjoy watching this film, its has a kind of unique story that you can watch over and over again.