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  1.  3.9 Stars


    For a release game, this was prety damn good.

    It still has quite good graphics, a entising story line, and great, fast paced and fun gameplay. Online is average, hasn't got any clever features but it does the trick.

    For a release game it was great. Now it's just ok. It's cheap and worth it.

    Resistance 2 is in development so plenty to look forward to.

  2.  4.7 stars


    This is, as you must know by now, a bundle of 5 games in on package. I still havent played two of them - Half Life Episode 1 and 2 - but it doesn't matter because even if they were rubbish it wouldnt change the amazing value of this game.

    Portal - Portal in two words. Is Epic. Not much else to it. Such a fresh and unique idea for a game. Its short and sweet, has good graphics (all of the 5 games run of the same engine) and is just leet.

    Team Fortress 2 - You don't get many games which look like TF2. Its cartoony and is very tongue in cheek. There are lots of classes, (I forget exactly how many) all of them using a rock paper scissors style gameplay mechanic. i.e The spy is great for sneaking behind enemy lines and destroying turrets, but run into a soldier and your dead. The game is hard, there is no doubt about it, but like counter strike you just have to practise. Its fun and a great laugh. Not a serious game but good none the less.

    Half Life 2 - Of course I had this game already. (but who cares 1 extra copy ain't doing any harm) It too is simply epic. Makes great use of the source engine. A deep and elusive storyline, good character develpment, gunplay, its scary, action packed and theres even 2 vehicle sections.

    You haven't lived until you've played this game.

    The game is worth the £15 price tag by about a mile.

    You can't realy go wrong here. Buy now!

  3.  4.7 Stars


    I waited a long time to buy GRID, mainly because I knew it would eventually sink to prices as low as this (£17.99). And boy was it worth buying!

    GRID is a new take on racing games, its part 'arcadey' part realistic but its all fun! The graphics are great even almost two years after it came out. It runs on an enhanced DIRT engine which means it has amazing damage effects and physics. It has almost full damage modleing, and great soft body damage - as in the body moulds when you hit things.

    There are a variety of races. However the main three are city courses - USA, race tacks - Europe, and a mix of twisty hilly tracks and wide dockyard races for Japan. There are tonnes of nice features, such as being able to buy teammates, pick your team sponsors, colours and name. (lol im "Nitro-Us-Oxide")

    The game has a nice learning curve for beginners however more confident racers can dive straight in with higher difficulties. Something that makes the game unique form other racers is the pure genius "Flash Back" feature. It is mroe or less an instant replay, but you can rewind and carry on from that point (like going back in time). This is not only so cool but really helpfull when you just clip a tire wall and total your car :D

    Its a really fun game, definately worth a buy, lots of olnine matches to play, DESTRUCTION DERBY, and some lovely DLC coming out soon.

  4.  3.8 Stars


    So this game had a tonne of hype. And as much as i knew hype kills games i still got it. Now when i first played it at christmas, i was loving every minute of it, it was great palying 3 player with my brothers. However all the time there was this niggling feeling in the back of my head telling me i wasn't really enjoying it. (As hypocritical as that sounds lol =d)

    The game focuses heavily on the user created content, and made a huge deal about how 'easy' it is to make a level. Sure it's true they did indeed make the level creator easier then just programing a game, but its still really hard and time consuming. But then that's why im not a game developer. Or a perfectionist.

    I haven't picked it up since christmas 2008, and i don't think i want to.young children will probably love it, but i see myself as more of a proper gamer, and this game just doesn't tickle my fancy.

    Cheap though...

  5.  What a film!


    One of ridley scott's best. Well directed and pulled off, clever and gripping throughout. Two actors on the top of their games.

    Buy or rent, thats your choice, whats not, is that you have to see this film.

  6.  3.5 stars


    3.5 Is pushing it a bit. The game play is good, and the online was fun when people were still playing it.

    But the graphics only just beat high end ps2 - its the worst 360 port ever probably.

    Don't bother buying it, get the second one. Even thats not very good, but its just a bit better.

  7.  2.5 stars


    Its not as bad as it sounds. Buts its not amazing either.

    It'l give you some fun in singleplayer. Multiplayer is rubbish. Split screen lowers frame rate to about 0.

    Good old EA...

  8.  4 Stars


    There aren't many games out there like Left 4 Dead. It's a fast paced zombie killer..

    The game runs on the source engine and for this reason it only requires basic system specs.. Great if, like me you, don't have some £700 ultra gaming PC. However, this doesn't mean it looks rubbish. Infact the game looks amazing, I don't even know how, but it does. And I'm not complaining :P

    The game is scary, jumpy and is a great laugh to play with friends online. There is an ok amount of online modes, including one where you can play as the Zombies. The game is very intesne - there can be about 40 Zombies running at you at once, this is not only very scary but it is amazing how it doesnt drop the frame rate much at all. This game is very fps friendly.

    However its not all fairy dust and rainbows. It only has four chapters. These have (essentially) 5 levels in each. You can complete the game in about 3 hours. However that is not what bothers me, what bothers me is that the game is quite expensive for what it is. There is only 6 guns, and 4 other usable items. (Med Pack, Pain Pills, Molotov Cocktail and Pipe Bomb) and can get quite repetative.

    Still, it's a nice idea, and If you can find it cheap somewhere definately worth checking out.

    Must buy for zombie fans. Casual buy for normal gamers.

  9.  Rare Gem


    Evil Genius is the kind of game that turns up, out of the blue, that is just outstanding. Evil Genius is a RTS mix Tycoon game where you build an evil lair in an underground base in various locations around the world and attempt to take over the world.

    Its hard to explain why this game is so good, if you ever get the chance to get your hands on this game, then buy it, I assure that you will like this game.

    It doesn't have any multiplayer, or even a "skirmish" style game mode, only a story mode, but there is plenty of replay value as you can change what evil boss you will be, how to build you base etc.

    Like I said, hard to explain why his game is so good, it just is.

    If you can find a copy. Buy it.

  10.  3 Stars (What went wrong?!)


    Well well well... It was such a shame when i played this game after all the hype, and after playing the exelent first game to find out what a load of rubbish it was.

    Unit sizes were upped, which is good, but then they made the combat very rockpaperscissor-like. Swordsmen were usless against anything but spearmen etc.

    There were new forces to choose, like the dwarves and the elves. But they didn't feel right, the elves seemed way overpowerd and the dwarves were useless.

    The castles were taken away and were replaced with a rubbish 'build you own' walls syste, which didnt work in the slightest.

    The graphics were much much better, and the heroes system had been advanced, both of these dont have downsides. But the game has just changed too much. Ea has just turned this into just another generic rts fantasy game.

    Not cool.

    Oh and the risk-map-totalwar style thing was kinda cool, but not enough to save it.

    This game is maybe worth a buy, if you can find it cheap. But my advice is either get the first one, of just miss this game out.