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  1.  Beautiful.


    Aw, this film is just brilliant!
    The music is great, bold and really brings out a sense of the Australian outback.
    The opening piece of animation involving the eagle makes me cry it is so beautiful!
    A perfect family film and yet another sweet and everlasting story from Disney.

  2.  Didn't feel like Pixar for me. Sorry.


    Yes this was a superb film in terms of characters and breath-taking animation (that was even a bit too advance at times, it was that good). But I just didn't get the feel of Pixar from it really. WALL-E is a really lovely character, very sweet and Pixar-esque but the story was a bit eery for Pixar I found. I just couldn't really find the heart in this film, I'm sorry. I really wanted to but just couldn't.

    Of course I will buy it though and would recommend it to animation/Pixar fans because it's very unique (especially in terms of music if nothing else). I just hope I can find some heart in it the second time I watch it (which was the case with 'Ratatouille'...which I adore now and didn't at first). So there is still some hope for 'WALL-E'.

  3.  Can not wait to buy this one! ^___^


    Was more excited about seeing 'WALL-E' than this but I have to say this is defiantly better. It's as brilliantly marvellous as the first one (although the lack of Mr Tumnus means this one is not my favourite, lol).

    Like the first one, this is the best CG I've ever seen. Once you've seen Aslan nothing looks quite as good/real. A brilliant story and some funny bits too. I would recommend this for sure! Really can't wait to add it to my collection!

  4.  I need this film!


    This film is SO expensive because, so my brother tells me, Disney release some of their classics every seven years. They release films like this for a limited time then they take them all back in. So, you have to wait another seven/or so years for them to come back out. Unless, of course, you want to pay this amount of money for them.

    I would pay this, because the film is defiantly worth it, but I'm not rich so I can't. Wah! I really NEED this film to complete my collection but I suppose I can wait. I'll just have to.

  5.  The most beautiful film ever ^^


    The open sequence of this film is, most definatly, the most beautiful thing you'll ever see on screen! I love it. The music is lovely (Bryan Adams) and the animation is the best I have ever seen, without a doubt :)

    If you haven't got it - GET IT! NOW!