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  1.  Operation WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!


    When i looked at the video clips for this game it looked great!! My god what happened? Was it the same game i was looking at!
    1. Poor graphics (for a 2009 game, pathetic)
    2.You have to put a full clip into the enemy to kill them even if its a head shot! (Thats with a sniper rifle)
    3.Cant even see where your being shot from, but yet one bullet seems to kill you! (How strange considering)!!!!!!!!
    4.Boring pointless long running distances to check points
    5.And last of all multi player is laggy and totally rubbish!

    I guess we all look for different things in shooters but honestly how anyone can seriously give this 5stars is beyond me!!
    Rent it and avoid " operation trade it in asap "

  2.  Just what the Doctor ordered!!


    This is my third Samsung TV and its prefect. At this price it's a real bargin. I bought it mainly for playing xbox and the picture is perfect while playing games,because of the Game Mode Channel.As i'm using the Samsung surround sound system the sound is great but without it, the sound would just be ok. This is the only negative thing really. So to sum it up, nice TV at a nice price.Well worth buying.

  3.  If you like SWAT this has got to be bought!!!


    Well people, this game is great fun with a good story on single player with intense fire fights as you sweep each room clear. Effects are prefect as the sound of bullets wizing past you and glass smashing is very realistic.You can complete story mode on your own or with your friend which is a good laugh.Excellent choice of weapons as well which is good.There are lots of different maps if you wish to do terrorist hunts only which help you rank up quickly,but for me multiplayer is super!! Team death match or death match are totally mental. Savage shoot-outs which are brillant fun.You can even put your own face on your character,though you need a xbox cam to do this.The only reason i'm not giving this 5 stars is in comparison to the first Rainbow,there were not enough differences in this version.The main one being,you can sprint in this version. In saying that,this is still a super game and will guarantee you loads of fun for sure!! Rainbow Vegas2 is a must buy if you like shooters and is excellent value for money!!! Happy hunting people!!

  4.  The Ghosts are back


    Graw2 picks up where graw left off. Super story on single player.excellent grapics with a nice feature of a medic added to multiplayer.on-line great fun with great maps to to test your skill of working as a team. For a real challange play without drone an turn friendly icon off an enjoy the battle. This is what real shooters should be like!!!!! Super value for money.this game has been out nearly two years but still immensley popular.trust me, hours of fun!

  5.  one of the best yet!!


    What a game people! Excellent story on single player and multiplayer player is great fun also.Graphically good and impossiable not to enjoy if you like shooters. This is value for money BIG TIME! GRAW will be enjoyed for a long time!!! A must buy people!

  6.  Brothers In Arms 3: Hell's Highway


    Very poor game with graphic's three years behind the times!!! Call of duty two is better graphically! Multi player is slow and after playing it for 20 mins found it totally boring! This game is a total rip off an after having it for three days i'll be trading it in. What a waste of £39. For anyone to recommend this game, i find that astonishing! Graw2 & rainbow put this poor effort of a shooter to shame! Dont waste your money!!!