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  1.  good film


    a good film lots of great fights and a solid story of the young monks training to be the best fighter in the land then after they are kicked out of the kung fu school they go there diffrent ways one becomes a guard in the inperial army the other gets involved with the rebal army it's a pitty i have the film under a diffrent name it's called( twin warriors ) its part of the jet li collection,
    i think if your buying this film this edition is better there is a english dub and a few good extras , but forget the extras buy the film for the film it's a good one

  2.  a deacent remake


    I remember watching this film years ago and i had to see it again just to remind me what it was like it was a deacent vampire flick baced on the old silent movie it realy deserves a chance and at the price play is selling it for you cant go wrong
    Also play only has it listed for languages as in german but the film is in english

  3.  a good old dust up


    in a bid to put a stop to football hooligamism and gang violence a group of young police officers are sent undercover into the local bear pit known as the pub were all the head boys are to infaltrate the violence but in doing so one of the officers john is draged into a darker side becoming the thing he was ment to bust a hoolain
    this film shows the viewer the darker side of football and the violence sarrounding it with some brutal gang fights this british film is a good night in watching the dvd its not just violence there is some fine acting but its the fight sceans that make it a worthy film to own

  4.  a well acted religus story that keeps the viewer watching


    a realy good scifi tale about avideo shop worker thats found wadering in the yorkshire moors after 40 days and 40 nights claiming to be the son of god the media go wild with religus nuts and sceptics in order to silence all disbalevers chris must preform some kind of miricle by turning night into day then he lets the world know that they mustproduce a third testament, this tv series is a treat to watch is quite gripping the acting from christopher eccleston is spot on and the story line isnt bad aswell there is a good conclution to the finale of the show its the sort of program if you like mystery and religus storys with good acting watch this a good program one to watch

  5.  mysterious supernatural and loads of fun


    i saw this series years ago on cable tv and at the time i never knew what to make of it untill i baught it on dvd and fell in love with it its a realy mysterious oddly compeling show like a kind of x files meets twin peeks that takes a few episodes to get into but when you do your glued it is about a small town and a young boy caleb and his sister merlyn who is sort of disabled who is killed by the local sheiff the rather twisted strangly creepy sheriff buck then things just get better from there theres something strange about sheriff buck is he a devil or into black magic and why dose he want the boy also merlyn is a ghost wanting revenge on the sheriff and trying to keep her little brother away from him and his evil plans but sheriff buck seems nice untill you get on his bad side he always comforts and supports caleb doing strang magic plotting against the spirit of merlyn there are so many twists in the story its bretty hard to keep up but its just a compeling series its defenetly one to watch and when your done watching it you will want to watch it again to see if you missed anything there is some connecting between the sheriff and merlyn its just a shame that there was only the one series there still some unsolved answers and the series leave the viewer with a good little cliff hanger that makes the viewer want more , a realy enjoyable little series.

  6.  a good exiting little series with interesting cases


    this series comes from the people behind the hit show the bill but unlike the bill this series is rather exiting from the fist case, the metrapolatin police investagate cases from suspected ratual sacrafise incest and more and each case is as involved as the last this is a series to watch even if you dont like the bill its diffrent even alough its based around sunhill the two lead female carectors put in a fine preformance and like csi not every case is as simple as it first looks a worthy sucsesor to the bill i only with there were more series out