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  1.  feels like... james


    Brilliant, welcome back boys and thank you for a fantastic collection of new songs. can't wait to hear these anthems played live at the end of the year. fantastic stuff!

  2.  brillllllllllliant!


    What can i say..... Watched one episode and was hooked.... Great characters, brilliant acting, totally hysterical situations which i think we cal all relate with at some time in our lives....... Bought the 'series' and watched it time and time again and it still retains its brilliance..... I hope and wish the writers and actors all the best for the future.. Go on lads!

  3.  hysterical......


    Brilliant...... Truly brilliant. Season one was belly busting funny and season two was just as funny and pushed it even further, totally hysterical, rude, crude, and hopefully will go down as one of the funniest shows around..... Wonderful cast.. Top marks for a show that knows little-if-no-boundaries!..... Buy this dvd..... Now!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  day the earth was bored


    Where to start... 'Some' nice effects, but a limited and bland storyline mixed with mediocre acting only drags a real classic down. There was no need for this remake at all...... It seemed to me like a 'vehicle' for mr.smith junior, (despite numerous awards for the pursuit of happyness) whose role seemed totally redundant and to be honest, ruined the movie even more!?!?!?!?, which pains me as i'm a massive mr.smith senior fan so i wanted to be supportive....... Also the blatant advertising is shameless.... It's a rental and if you've seen the original... Forget it!.. Yawn!

  5.  sci-fi at it's best


    This is a must for all sci-fi fans. It's just simply 'sci-fi at it's best'. Wonderful characters, a brilliant gritty storyline, tonnes of humour and plenty of shocks and bumps along the way to keep you entertained from start to finish.

  6.  action-packed


    Guns, girls and gadgets, what more do you want? Not also is this a really good movie, but it's one of the few remakes that's better than the original.... action-packed throughout, great fun!

  7.  brutal and brilliant


    We got this based on the reviews by fellow 'play.com'rs' and i must admit this is brilliant..... cold and brutal..... rent it, buy it, you will love it... one of the few movies out there that'll make you 'punch the air' in excitement. Liam Neeson is just amazing... it's really fierce in places, just what you want for this type of movie!!!!!

  8.  Believe in Angels


    Brandon Lee was simply amazing. He is 'the crow'. He is sadly missed and this performance was as powerful as it was graceful. One of the best films ever! If you have never read the original graphic novel, then do so as it's just as emotional and brutal!

  9.  ... it's Alan!


    Laugh out loud funny, written with such honesty and conviction, Alan gives us a wonderful insight to who and why he is whilst not being afraid to open himself to us. If you are a fan, you have no excuse to not own this book!.. Alan, you're a star!

  10.  simplicity at it's best


    Bought one this chrimbo for my partner for everyday use as she is a wheelchair user and it really takes a beating where most would scratch and break, and I must admit, it's simplicity at it's best. Fun and practical and at this price almost disposable!