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  1.  COD is back


    Well it has finally happened. After years of bitter disappointment for PC gamers, Call of Duty is better than ever. I have been playing the multiplayer for a few hours now and do ya know what? I never got kicked or repeated the same map over and over or had a server crash out once. THANK GOD! After the bitter dissappointment of MW2's servers, Treyarch have stuck to the dedicated servers. This makes so much difference I can't begin to explain. Imagine the detail, beauty and suphistication of MW2 with no difficulties playing and no aim bots.

    Classy single player too. Like the others, a little short but really good fun. As we all know though, this series of games is all about the MP and thankfully it does not disappoint!

    Good gaming and have fun!

  2.  Cheap imitation call of duty modern warfare!


    First I'd like to talk about the singlepalyer. Wow I thought that they would at least try and disguise the fact that it's another call of duty. Well having said that they kind of have - this game is the buggiest fps I've played since before 2000! If you die in a certain place, the game won't even let you finish the level.

    It is so short and not even engaging as a story. I could forgive it for being short if the story was good, like modern warfare 2 but it just isn't. I played it very casually; 1 or 2 hours a day at best and I completed the story in 3 days (roughly 4 or 5 hours). Now I know that MW2 was short but it surely wasn't this short.

    And now the really bad news. The multiplayer is crap too. It would be ok if the servers ever worked - seriously I think I've managed two games back to back before, supprise supprise the server crashes and you get boot off. Not very well thought out and not very fun - reminds me of MW2's multiplayer - very dissapointed

  3.  Get it


    Better than modern warfare... Need I say more.

    Bit disappointing without dedicated servers but still fun on multiplayer

  4.  Watchmen wow


    I have just watched the movie and have immediately pre-ordered it and just bought the graphic novel. I'm a bit dissapointed with some of the reviews I've read. This is a masterful story and I'm really sorry if you don't get it... its a superhero movie with interesting charactor plot, some of which is messed up and thats what makes it fantastic!

    Can't wait to read the book and have been waiting for a good film for a while. Ok this is a 3 hour movie but when the movie is this intense you will not notice. The one thing this movie is not lacking in is intensity.

    And who doesn't want to be Dr Manhattan?

  5.  Brilliant -- You need this in your life!


    I got this game on Saturday and have played it every night for an hour here and there and I love it. You first start the game with all your powers and you just go to town on the city. Then you go back to the beginning and work your way through the story to get back to where you started.

    The only let down for me is the graphics. With games like assassins creed out there we know that game developers and produce beautiful looking games but this one just doesn't make the cut.

    Having said that you won't really notice this graphic quality when your going postal on 100s of enemys with special attacks and powers... Its awesome!

  6.  Good - could be better


    I got this game a week ago and finished it in two days... I'm not what you call a heavy gamer I play it when I have a hour or so free in the evening after work. Loved the graphics, thought it was a little laggy in some places but i feel that that was my CPU rather than the game its self. Did not, however, think this one was a patch on modern warfare. I liked the little bits that set it apart from the last one such as the destroyable scenery but other than that it wasn't much to shout about and way, way too short...

  7.  rubbish


    I remember going to see this at the cinema... what I mean to say is I remember falling asleep in the cinema terrible movie. Do ya self a favour don't bother

  8.  Genius


    Need I say more? Rare talent coming through to the U.K. album charts... About time!

  9.  Arctics are back!


    This album is amazing, brilliant lyrics and brilliant backing, a winning mix. To compare this album to the first, like some people have is like comparing Muses Absolution to Origin of Symmetry, two brilliant albums in their own way by the same artist.

    505 is definitely the best track on the album

    Brilliant but different!