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  1.  If your a John Cena Fan ten this dvd is for you.


    this 3 disc set includes every thing in and out of the ring that John cena has done, the guy is a marketing genius, he can act, wrestle, rap . To Be Honest there is not much John Cena cant do, If you can see him then this dvd is for you.

  2.  Do like R Rated?


    If the answer to the above is yes, Then you have to buy this, From his debut in the WWF (At the time) To his recent break at the hands of the Undertaker, this 3 disc set includes everything that Edge has done, with some great matches along the way, Ladder Matches, TLC Matches, Hardcore Matches, Some of the best matches in WWF/E history are made by this superstar and they are here in this dvd.

  3.  I started watching in the school holidays


    I started watching in the school holidays and was hooked straight away. So when i was out and about i saw it, only £30!!!
    I had to have it, only half way through but its brining back the great memories that i had of watching it!
    If your a fan of Dawsons Creek Then this is a must, you have to own it, Im so glad i brought it

  4.  If your a Brock Lesnar fan?


    Im a Brock Lesnar fan and i had to get this as soon as it was released.
    I thought do i fast forward to his fight or do i watch the whole dvd?
    And im glad i watched it all, to many fights to mention but not disappointing at all

  5.  Amazing For Any UFC Fan


    I mainly got this dvd due to Brock Lesnar. Over the whole year of the UFC of 2008 the dvd shows the best moments and it does not disappoint!
    If your a fan of UFC then this is a must buy.

  6.  Save yourself £25


    I rented this game this morning, the days of its release. Very excited about the game and the new film. Take my advise and do the same, rent the game, i completed the game on its hardest difficulty and it took me 5 hours, i took it steady but still not a long game. i played it on its hardest difficulty, took 5 hours and i got 1000G on my Xbox 360 account. Save yourself the money ret the game and dont buy it. The game has no XBL either. And Christian Bale is not in it, some strange looking and sounding bloke who is ment to be him....


  7.  Are you a fan of Lucy and Michelle???


    Im a big fan of Lucy and Michelle. I didn't know weather to buy this dvd or not. So i brought it and it did not disappoint. The dvd is not that long, Only about 50 minutes but there are some good points in that 50 minutes.
    Im glad i brought it, Short dvd but well worth the buy.

  8.  3 of the best


    Im only half way through season 3 and so far it is amazing.
    if you have the 1st and you have the 2nd. Then get the 3rd complete the set.
    Amazing seasons of tv. no regrets of buying these dvd's. well worth the buys.

  9.  Back for more


    This is a great season.
    If you brought the first then you have to buy the second.
    Just amazing season. Dint think the season could get better, And then it does.

  10.  British Invasion


    The first season in which a british actor, Hugh Laurie, Stars as an american doctor. And he does it very well. Awesome in fact.
    If your british its a must buy. If you like Hugh Laurie its a must buy. If you have a dvd player its a must buy.
    A great dvd set, You will not be disappointed.