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  1.  I'm reviewing the set not the movies


    The set looks great and everyone wants all 3 on blu-ray now the trilogy is finished. the booklet is entertaining for a 2 minute flick through.

    I have to admit I've only watched dark knight rises off this set, I assume the others have the same extras as previous releases. My problem with this set is the lack of documentaries about the dark knight rises.
    There's an hour long bat mobile retrospective covering all batman films(all 7!), which is interesting but drags on a bit, and I've seen that ground covered before on previous batman film discs. There isn't any straight up making of documentaries which I really wanted, just a simple 45 minute documentary would have suited me fine. what you get instead is disjointed 5-10 minute sections going over individual parts of the film, containing extremely brief snippets of interviews with the stars(maybe something to do with the lack of press interviews at the time because of the shooting?) anyway i found it annoying having to go through an overcomplicated menu watching one section at a time, instead of being able to just hitt "play all" and be done with it.
    another thing that real winds me up is people repeatedly describing the plot or characters motivations. I've seen the film so I know all that stuff already, I just wanted them to talk about pre-production, production, the release and the reception to the film. Its not that bad but there should really be a great documentary to commemorate the end of the trilogy.

  2.  total stinker


    Don't waste blu-ray money on this, its an absolute stinker, just check rotten tomatoes (30% rating) rent it, be disappointed, move on with your life.

  3.  Made me wish I was watching the first


    Was excited to see this but it becomes apparent quickly that this is a rush job with no effort put into it. hardly any mickey rourke, black widow thrown in to set up for avengers film. total let down, iron man 2 sucks. Go watch the first one again that was great.

  4.  As good as Manhunter


    I did see red dragon first but prefered manhunter.After seeing them both again recently in that order. I Think Red dragon is a little bit better. Anthony Hopkins is brilliant as Lector, And the tooth fairy gets a much bigger part in Red dragon. Plus Red Dragons ending is better. Manhunter is dated but still worth a look.

    The DVD boasts lots of extras but they really are quite poor. Scene comparisons with and without special effects? who cares! A making of documentary which is literally just the actors describing the plot of the film(I've seen the film I don't need you to tell me what happened?). Some boring screen tests of the actors in costume posing, and not a whole lot else.

    The saving grace of this set is brett ratners Video diary, its a only 39 minutes which is a little dissapointing because there was obviously a lot more footage than that. It's pretty much what you would expect a camera following brett around, Watching him direct the actors and even shows a bizarre set visit from Michael Jackson. This documentary really should have been longer but its still pretty good and the most interesting thing out of all the extras.

    There is a directors commentary I believe but I haven't listened to that yet.

  5.  Great set


    Its a really good set for the money, There's commentarys on each film and enough featurettes to make it worth the money. although I managed to watch all the interviews and documentaries in one sitting so there isn't a huge amount. If you have a blu-ray player I recommended getting the first film on Blu-ray aswell as this set. It has some more interviews and the picture is worth it.

    There are 8 Hellraiser films but I really don't recommend anything after 3.4 (bloodlines) is watchable. But the rest have no real connection to the first ones and are a waste of time. I watched them all out of curiousity and they really are dire.

  6.  Smaller than other rip curl shirts


    This shirt (as others have said) is "surf fit" unlike the other rip curl shirts on here which are "mid fit" so go a size larger than you would normally.Thanks play.com for not mentioning that.

  7.  Nice shirt


    Nice fit, my only problem is the logo isn't white like it is in the picture,its purple/white.

  8.  The Day my brain stood still


    Awful film, feels like a Jaden Smith vehicle. Just scene after scene of Jaden Smith showing his acting range. the robot gort gets next to no screen time.

    Keanu Reeves is fine but CGI just doesn't do it for me and thats what makes up the last 1/3 of the film. If you tolerated War of the worlds(2005) you can tolerate this.

    I completely forgot this film as soon as I left the cinema it was that forgettable.But I remembered I didn't like it.

  9.  Not that bad


    No point reviewing the film everyones seen it.

    The thing that bugged me about this dvd is that some of the violence is cut ouf. I mean if I'm watching it on tv at 6pm fair enough, but If i'm shelling out for the dvd i''m buying the whole movie so show me the whole movie! don't cut stuff out.

    the part that stuck out in my mind is when bison breaks the two guys necks at the start and chucks them in the pit. I'm sure theres other parts but its been along time since I watched it.

    I hear the region 1 isn't censored.

  10.  Too light on the extras for a "special edition"


    I'm not really going to review the film since nearly everyones seen it and its really supposed to be product reviews on here, which seems to have escaped about 90% of the people who have reviewed it.

    The imax pieces are ok but don't really see the point all you get is the borders taken away from the top and bottom of the screen, and watching portions of the film again seperately is quite tedious.

    The dvd itself is fine no commentaries sadly, some little making of pieces which probably add up to about 45 minutes roughly but thats all thats on here really, not as much as begins. With only stunt people and christopher nolan voice overs on the docu bits none of the actors talk about the film on it.

    You get a nice selection of trailers but who really cares about those. I hear the blu-ray has a better selection which is a shame because not everyone can afford a blu-ray player.

    9/10 for the film
    6/10 for the dvd