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  1.  Parappa The Rapper


    Parappa began a glittering career as the original Playstations puzzle mascot -
    and boy howdy rightfully so.
    He sprang to life in a demo that found home in many disc trays throughout the world. His loveable karate antics, zealous nature and incredible back catalogue of songs made him a firm, loveable favourite within many a household.
    It all started with a love story, like everything right?
    Like any young whipper snapper he wanted to impress the girl of his dreams.
    Doing so by in rolling in Karate as well as a host of other boisterous tomfoolery.
    Along side amusing nature and colourful graphics,
    Parappa boasted original button timed gameplay as well as a loving story.
    With added features including: New downloadable levels, game share and wireless rap battles, take a trip down nostalgic lane, full of fun and frolics. You'll be happy that you did.

  2.  Meh


    Sagem have developed a pointless upgrade with no extra features intact.

    While cheap, the phone itself is extremely basic and the interface is somewhat questionable.

    It does exactly what it should, and unfortunately nothing much else.

  3.  Apocalyptic!


    While a relatively simple plot can be a downfall to many films, Apocalypto benefits greatly due to it's fast paced action and linear story.
    A simple tribe is abruptly taken hostage and forced into sacrifice and slavery. One of the lucky members of the captured has escaped and must get back to his family who are trapped in a deep hole they fled to to evade capture they eagerly awaiting his return.
    Throughout the film there's plentiful gore, and constant running with tribal music to suit.
    Mel Gibson is finding himself as quite a good if not a little controversial director.it's hard to talk about this due to it's simplicity, but with much crisper picture and sound then it's DVD counter part, it's well worth the watch.

  4.  Just what we needed


    The bottom line is with the wii and other next generation consoles it is quite essential to have an internet connection.

    For a good while wireless broadband users experienced a host of channels and VC game buying at there fingertips.

    Now thats all changed with Datl releasing the LAN adapter if you have an Nintendo Wii with a broadband connection this is a definate purchase in my eyes.





    Go for it.

  5.  Resistance:Fall Of Man


    Well it's a long time coming but finally Europe has the full taste of Sony's second answer to Microsoft's premiere title Halo. With cocky British accents, ridiculously loud guns and an enticing story to boot it's sure to be one of the more memorable games from PS3's launch Line up.

    Whether it's bombarding a Chimera swarm,riddling a ship with bullets or just admiring the sheer beauty of the surroundings Resistance rarely fails to impress.

    That said like all games it's not without it's flaws, bland game play can mar the experience at times and the lack of variety in missions is somewhat disappointing.

    Resistance wasn't made to be a groundbreaking and original FPS, it was designed to be a solid and fun game to play. And it does exactly that, a welcome addition to the PS3 ranks.

  6.  Watch It Now


    I'm now beginning to think Luc Besson is somewhat of a cinematic genius, his films invoke such passion while remaining intensively stylish and exciting.
    And The fifth Element is no exception, Once you get around from admiring the scenery what you happen to find is a tireless effort of beautiful proportions.
    Bruce Willis is a down on his luck New York taxi driver who gets dropped a fair that will change his life for ever.
    The world is at it's end, supreme evil is set to destroy every living organism which inhabits Earth, unless the four elements ( Earth, Wind, Fire and water ) combined with the mysterious fifth element can be brought together to create the only weapon to destory this threat.
    I'm not going to write who acted brilliantly in this becase to be perfectly honest everyone did, truly superb,
    a must watch film.

  7. Leon



    5 New from  £5.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.66

     One of the greatest movies of all time


    Director Luc Besson ( The big blue,The Fifth Element )
    delivers an epic, beautiful work of art.
    The storys follows the main protagonist Leon, New Yorks most deadly hitman. he knows no emotion, only how to kill, and thats all about to change.
    When the sole survivor of a murdered family living next to Leon seeks refuge in his home, his life is completly turned upside down. the survivor is Malthida a 12 year old girl.
    With revenge constantly on her mind Leon teaches the arts of ''cleaning'' and together they set out to kill the corrupt D.E.A officer who murdered her family and most notably her 4 year old brother.
    With Superb performances by all the cast, mainly Jean Reno,Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman as the corrupt and manic D.E.A Officer and an excellent music score provided by Eric Serra, Luc besson's long time collaborator, this film is one of the greatest movies ever created, and no self respecting movie goer or film enthusiast should go without seeing it.