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  1.  the UNCUT version


    according to the product details, this is the full uncut version. I accidentally bought the 4hr version, but this is the 6hr.

  2.  very good overall


    being a fairytale fan I was excited to see the outcome of this movie. The cast was great- didn't think Stewart was going to be as good. Charlize could have been a little more evilly-convincing; some of her screaming scenes seemed forced personally- she's sexy but not too cruel. Still, I wouldn't have chosen anyone else for the part, especially the milk bath scene which was great! As for the DVD, unfortunately very stale in the special features dept.! Could have had the deleted scenes, trailers and 'Breath Of Life' music video at least!

  3.  enjoyable


    I have heard mixed remarks on this movie, but for me I found it good enough to own on DVD. At first I thought it was the usual version, but even though it's a sort of 'the story after', it still somehow has a similar storyline. I love her falling scene, ending with her upside-down. The special features were grand, especially the Jabberwocky, and as a whole was an enjoyable movie.

  4.  an overall enjoyable comedy...


    This comedy is fine overall; got some good humour, but short- I saw all of it in just 2 days! Pity the movie's mostly made up of humour from the series...expected a little more originality.

  5.  not too bad...


    costumes & settings' ok, but the acting & cgi's not so good I'm afraid. Not the worst, but seen better.

  6.  Wonderful & captivating words


    I have always been charmed by 18th century France as to costume and history. Madame du Barry is King Louis XV's last (and personally most favourite) mistress.

    Born Marie-Jeanne Becu to a poor mother, her life is like a sort of fairytale. On reading the book, I have seen how her beauty helped her struggle during her difficult times in life, achieving what may be concidered as the best place any woman in Jeanne's state could ever accomplish. Such a promiscuous and delicate woman in the court of Versailles is surely a means to set tongues wagging in those jealous of her...even Queen Marie Antoinette herself!

    As Haslip entitled the book itself, Jeanne's beauty and extravagance caused her tragic downfall during the frightful French Revolution, sending her up the stairs of the bloodthirsty guillotine.

    Haslip's version of Du Barry's life has made it very easy and understandable for me in helping me out with personal achievments regarding the story of Madame du Barry. One minor mistake is that according to this book, Jeanne's birthday is 19th April, whereas in reality it is 19th August- and also, when comparing it with many other biographies, you find that she is not mentioned as being a courtesan working in Du Quesnoy's gambling house, where she actually met the Comte du Barry.

  7.  very lousy!


    the cover will mislead you into thinking it's another oriental/arabic action film, but not at all! Sinbad somehow seems to have found his way in modern times, but still with creatures nowadays proven not to exist! unfortunately it's nothing one might expect of a Sinbad movie! another disappointment! seems like these modern Sinbad movies are all turning into flops!!!!!!!!

  8.  not what I expected...


    the bodies are fabulous; the acting is not! unfortunately this mixture of Greek mythology with Arab folktale didn't do much to amuse me- just an amateur movie project capable of making its way into being turned into a DVD.

  9.  Another Santore special!


    This is my kind of fairy tale book...the original text with wonderful illustrations! Like his 'The Little Mermaid', this book really brings out the beauty of the words making up the story by means of beautiful & detailed illustrations just a pace away from photography! The characters and animals above all seem very life-like! A beautiful book to add to your fairy tale collection...and if you're a Snow White fan, don't hesitate to purchase it!!!!!

  10.  Wonderful, Entertaining Movie!


    Most enjoyable! I remember the version I had seen in Disney's Fantasia, and the fact that the broom (i.e. mop) scene was kept made it perfect! The storyline was nice, and how it was mingled with Celtic sorcery was quite good in my opinion. I thought it was going to be disappointing seeing all those skyscrapers & modern stuff, but it really turned out contrariwise!
    anyway, to cut it short...I loved it! :)