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  1.  Dont waste your money.


    This is an over-simplified water pistol. It just presses in the cartridge forcing out the liquid through a lucozade sport bottle nozzle. It takes about 3-4 seconds to fire the full load, which is wayyy to long for a shot, the person will be sick before it finishes. Disappointing.


  2.  Hmmm


    It arrived today, went outside looking for appropriate place to hang. No instructions on how to hang it thought, and every website i look at has "tree huggers" to help you hang it. I cant stress how frustrating and idiotic it is to sell a product with no instructions. Fair enough its only a fiver but still, i want to be able to use the thing! Really annoyed. Advice on appropriate knots would be very appreciated.

  3.  Not just for rap followers


    Went to the cinema randomly to see this, had no prior knowledge of Biggies rivalry with tupac.. but fantastic film, i was really hooked. Just wanted to write a review so as not to discourage those of you who maybe dont follow rap music like me, or are not old enough to have seen it on the news!

    Great film.

  4.  Worst of the worst!


    Just awful earphones, would seriously recommend alternatives. Had them for about a week then the crackling of the rubber in my ear got too much!
    Sennheiser cx-300. Thats the way to go!

  5.  3 quid?


    Well they are badges, and they look good! I put them on my school bag... It looks ok. I dont really know how to write a review on little badges, but they are high quality, and they look durable!

  6.  The best of the 3 available.


    I've bought all 3 of the sabers available on play.com and suffice to say this ones the best!

    Vaders makes a clashing noise when you strike it, and moving sounds when u move the blade.
    Yodas just makes the noise when you move the blade.

    With lukes you get 3 different clash noises, im quite sure theres a few different blade-movement sounds, and the power up/power down sequence is much faster and "real-looking" than vaders. It is substantially lighter than vaders which makes it easier to use and less cumbersome to carry :)

    All in all it is the best available.


  7.  Its a lightsaber!!


    Well, i think like everyone else, it is a wonderfully crafted, weighty peice of kit. It looks beautiful in the dark... Although not so much in the light when its on, mine sort of goes a pinky coloured which is to be expected i suppose...

    Anyway the one flaw of this lightsaber in my opinion is that there is no on/off switch for the speaker! Im sad and like to wave it around at night, when its dark, but when you live with a family of 5 there will always be someone sleeping at 10... So i have to switch it off then!

    Oh and for the people who said the speaker is puny, try rechargeable batteries, 2500mah kind! Expensive batteries but the speaker is hugely loud on mine now :-)


  8.  suprised!!


    Ordered this little baby a few days ago, just came in from school there, and opened it! A wee bit of construction needed but it takes 5 mins max then ur up and running, Extremely accurate, great fun, and really powerful!! I was so suprised by the power of this crossbow, and really, hurt getting shot in my bald bald head pmsl..

    Point being, buy one!

  9.  Spore...


    I agree with everyone saying what a let down this game was, especially after what was promised it was going to give to the player, and yet we are given a boring, plod along, do this do that game.

    I think trying to merge 5 different style of game into one was bound to bring flaws, it seems although the 4 first stages were just leading up to the massively annoying space stage, where u can go 3 planets away before your home planet is under siege again!

    But, people who are saying they feel it is rushed... of course it was bloody rushed! The creaters have been under pressure for months/years to release this game and now people are complaining because it has been?

    Hmmmmm I think spore 2 should be excellent as they will learn from their mistakes, who knows, with a few patches being released maybe spore will get better!

    2 stars for the version thats out just now though :)

  10.  I wouldnt!


    Considering no one has reviewed this product I decided to take a bash at it...

    Now i dont know if its just me that find this, but my phlat ball came as a plastic cheap, small disc. I took it out the packaging and have been using it for about a week and a bit. The edges are starting to tear, where it pops up... And it never pops up in time! For instance i throw it to my mate, and he still catches it as a disc, or pops up in his hands before he gets to throw it!

    Im largely disappointed with my phlat ball, but if people disagree then its probably because i got a different style of the one you have!