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  1.  Play it loud!


    Real soulful music, by really talented performers that have lived real rock and roll lives, and honed their skill over many years, on an album of songs that they actually wrote themselves - high up in the 2014 charts! Who'd've thunk it?
    Just a few seconds into the first track I thought this was going to be one of my favourite albums, and by the end I knew it was.
    With 11 tracks and being just under 35 minutes long you're not getting long drawn out songs with over complicated pointless fiddly bits and singers who string a single word out over a dozen notes, this is almost economical music.
    Perfectly powerful pellets of pleasure.
    You can feel the pure energy and joy that everyone had creating this.

    Two British legends doing what they do best.

    Buy it now and play it loud ... it won't annoy your neighbours, but they will come round to find out what it is so they can get a copy.

  2.  A Genuine Instant Classic


    Instant classic is a rubbish phrase, it doesn't make sense and is thrown around at anything these days. That said there isn't really another phrase that fits this better.

    Count Arthur Strong is the worlds best actor/singer/mind reader/all round entertainer ... at least that's what he will tell you. Those around him wonder if he has hidden talent, very well hidden, other than the talent he has to cause chaos around him. His old comedy partner's son seeks him out to find more about his father for a book he is writing, not knowing just how big an impact Count Arthur will have on him.

    This is filled with a blend of well crafted lines and solid slapstick wrapped around cartoonish characters that surprise you by being very real, among the genuinely hilarious scenes there are moments of real emotion that are created by the excellent writing and perfect acting by all involved.

    If you haven't seen this yet then get it, if you have then get it and watch it again ... if you don't you are missing out, I'm afraid!

  3.  Has one function, doesn't do it!


    This looks great and is a fun idea but it just doesn't work. The end of the N that is meant to go under the bottle cap is rounded so it keeps slipping, it takes three or four goes before you can get the cap off.

    Any coolness you have gained from having an interesting bottle opener is instantly lost as you fumble to use it!

  4.  A real one joke film, in a good way.


    This is a strange one to describe.
    Sort of stand up by lots of great comedians only telling one joke.
    Sort of documentary on how comedy evolves and showing the behind the scenes traditions of the comedy world.
    But mostly a hilarious film with some of the top names in comedy trying to out obscene each other.
    The Aristocrats is a joke that all comedians know but rarely anyone tells it on stage. It starts the same and ends the same each time but its the middle part where the person telling it can just go wild and try to out do each other.
    Well worth seeing.

  5. Gnaw



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     Pointless people in predictable peril


    Short review: Just bad.

    Longer review: Two dimensional characters with a bad script so you not only knew what was going to happen but also exactly what they were going to say.
    Gore was either off screen or a couple of times too much on screen and brightly lit so you can see how fake it was.
    People wandering off by themselves to get killed easier, Gothy girl with strange connection to killer, killer wearing mask for no reason, spooky house owner who turns out to be in on it all along, slow walking killer catching up with fast running people ... they really did shove every cliche in here, real horror making by numbers.

    The one bit of suspense they could have played on was if they victims were being made into food, but as the DVD cover and posters and trailer all shows they are and right at the beginning the clumsy directing does lots of close ups of pies this was a wasted chance.

    I got this from Poundland and it's the first time I have thought about taking something back there for a refund!

  6.  As good as I remember.


    It's rare that how you remember something being is actually what it is like. I have had many experiences where I was certain that a film or program was the best thing every made then when I have watched them again years later have no idea what I ever saw in them the first time around. This was not a disappointment, if anything it is better than I remember, there are some lines in here that I would have missed as a kid. Brilliantly written with just the right amount of silly. The songs in each episode are great and I think was one of the first of its type to have songs. If you enjoy Horrible Histories you will love this.

  7.  Great product with one small problem.


    The service was faultless, received the product less than 30 hours after ordering it!
    The product is neat and works great. It's true the instruction manual is just a couple of lines but the thing itself only has two sockets and two leads so you don't have to be a genius to figure it out.
    The reason I gave it 4 stars is that the power lead doesn't fit into it's socket. So far I haven't needed the extra power that it provides but I have only used it to read CD's, the manual says you may need it if you use the drive to write CD's.
    If I find that I do need the extra power for any reason then my rating would drop to 1 star. But as a CD reader its great value.

  8.  A True Classic.


    I have always admired Hunt Emerson's drawings, anarchic and always filled with such humour and energy. I've always admired Coleridge's drug fueled wild descriptive words. Here both are brought together in the best adaptation of anything I have ever seen.
    Staying true to the words of Coleridge Hunt manages to squeeze every single drop of fun out of even the bleakest lines. If you like good poetry, or like good laughs, or like great art ... you will not be disappointed by this.

  9.  Adrian Edmonson as Victor Meldew


    The description gives you the basic idea, what it doesn't tell you is that this gem is written by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick. Creators of One Foot in the Grave, 2 Point 4 Children, Johnathan Creek, Alexei Sayle's Stuff, Whoops Apocolypse and countless other classic comedy moments.

    The cast give a strong performance with only one miss-hit, Paul Merton never looks comfortable when acting, but this is more than made up for by Richard Briers giving a perfect performance as Godfrey Spry, who, after an accident ends up with an attention span of 30 seconds, meaning he believes everything that he sees in adverts.

    It is a comment on advertising and commercialism, with a dark look at how we are lied to in the modern society. But above all of that it is very funny.

    Alongside the story of Godfrey Spry you have Adrian Edmonson trying to cope with Godfrey and with the annoyances of life in general. You can clearly see Victor Meldew's character here as he battles with insurance companies and trying to get hold of his new sofa which has immediate delivery (in 6 to 8 weeks).

    I can't recommend this enough. The adverts that get paradied are long gone but the humour and message behind it is still just as relvent now.

  10.  Faultless and timeless


    I saw this when it was first on many years ago, even though I only saw it the once I remember it being an amazing piece of work. So was unsure about getting it and seeing it now, most often things dont live up to your memories. This does!
    It is as well written and acted as I remembered. Everyone in it does a great job but it's Robert Lindsay who gives the performance of his life.
    Although the story is set in its time the plot and themes are relevent now, everyone has things in their pasts that make them strong or weak and whatever year it is governments never change much.