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  1.  Rubbish


    Worse game I have ever purchased. Terrible does not even come close.

    I would not even give this a star if I could. If anyone wants to purchase - email me! I'll do it as cheap as I can because when I see it in my collection, it offends me.

  2.  One amazing game


    A brilliant game, words cannot describe how great it is - gameplay and visual. My six year old daughter adores it.
    Best of all is the stand that helps and supports the playing of other games too!

  3.  Wow


    Wow what a game! Thanks to play.com we received our 3ds on Thursday and this game is stunning. Adjust the 3d to the right setting and it is great. Wii style graphics are a major step up on this machine. impressed

  4.  Very good game


    I like this game - very arcade feel. Graphics are good and the boss battles are huge on the big screen. Not a patch on Killzone 3 but when its cheap or you can afford it - pick it up.

  5.  Brilliant


    What a fantastic game. The gameplay is perfect, and my favourite addition is the Champion mode. The seamless gameplay is brilliant and real footage of news just makes it seem more real. The storyline is excellent as a conned fighter who is making a comeback. Buy it

  6.  Half a star if I could


    Do not listen to the others - this is one terrible game. Acting, characters etc - all rubbish. Graphics are a polished PS2 games - Gran turismo and Hot pursuit this is not. Do not buy

  7.  Amazing


    Amazing game from start to finish! 3D is stunning and move controls, though fiddely at first, become a perfect move and aiming is incredible.

    Buy it when it is released for everyone else.

  8.  Absolutely beautiful


    What a fantastic game! Graphics and gameplay to die for.
    The characters and their moves are stunning and the 3d models are perfect. Favourite character is obviously spider man but Captain America and Wesker are mint. Simple and sophisticated controls make it easier to play than streetfighter but if you are a pro - controls become harder. Buy it. My favourite game above mass effect and dead space 2 for sheer brilliance. Well done capcom

  9.  No idea what Spangle below is on about!


    This game is amazing, fantastic graphics and intense gameplay. I bought this and will buy gran turismo as well - but this is stunning - it wont be 20 pounds in a few weeks - the crashes are stunning and the online is perfect. Brilliant, buy, buy, buy!

  10.  Brilliant


    A great film, true to the book and my 5 year old loved it.
    Great 3D but not as good as the recent Avatar release I have - but almost as good! Buy it, also I have the real 3D version of Streetdance for sale if you look it up! That is also brilliant 3d