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  1.  The most tintalating RTS every made


    I have to say, this game is the finest RTS game I have ever played! You can have huge battles with 2000 units per player and lots and lots of unique units per faction! Read up about how the factions work! You don't choose one...you end up creating your own path to one of 3 factions or even 2 sub factions!! Simply mind blowing fun. Make sure to buy Warrior Kings Battles for offline skirmish mode as this original version only has a campaign and online skirmish. You will not be disappointed!

  2.  Great!


    This game is fantastic! its got good open gameplay and sweet graphics and decent AI.! must have!

    diggerslad: If you rang EA and they said...video cards with dual core may not work..who is he?? video cards dont have dual core support...only CPU's do! and your graphics card only supports pixel shader 2.0..I beleave this game needs 3.0

  3.  Super Cheap Graphics Card


    Those of you that want a cheap mid-ranged graphics card but still has all the tins and whistles! then this card is for you! This card will play all the latest games on high settings and can play DirectX10 games also!
    For this price...this is a real bargain!

  4.  Horrible!


    Yo, I used to have a Netgear Wireless Adapter at 54mbps and sadly it broke. I bought this because it was very cheap. Big mistake..this thing is usless by all means. I have a 2 meg line and should reach 240-280Kbps download rate. I only get around 60-110Kbps..never have I reached over 120. Go for netgear! I always got over 250Kbps and this god damn Belkin crap constantly struggles to keep a stable connection..signal is always on low reaching a whooping 11mbps - 24mbps...and its mean to be 54??

    I guess...thats what I get for going cheap. Do not buy this as its not worth all the stress ive suffered since I got this.

    If you download alot...expect the signal to fail..always does for me.