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  1.  An Oriental Delight!


    I was unsure about whether this game would be any good. There wasnt much hype surrounding this game and was afraid it would try and be GTA like so many other games. However I was wrong. This game is very good like someone previously has mentioned it mixes Arkham City with blends of GTA. Fighting is simple enough and if mastered you can string together some pretty inpressive fighting. Music is fitting for the game mixing hip hop and trending music but also using oriental sounds to give this game a unique feel. The acting is spot on for the game and is voiced by some big named Asian actors. The storyline keeps you engrossed and lets you play both sides of the law which keeps it interesting. Im only a few hours into the game but I'm wanting more there is so much to do with side missions such as extortion street racing and surveillance. I highly recommend this game...all I can say is go get it you won't be disappointed...if anything it'll keep you going until GTA 5 comes out.

  2.  Get new critics! One of this years best movies!


    Firstly, before I go on I want to say to any company who employ movie critcs...sack them and pay the money to real people who can give an honest review! Right rant over!!
    Initially I saw the trailer for John Carter and thought oh yes, finally a decent movie! Then as other reviewers have mentioned I started reading many reviews about how bad this film was etc. However, I've always went on gut instinct so went and saw the movie. I personally thought this was one of the best best action/adventure movies I've seen in a while. Storyline was devised really well and kept me and my partner hooked all the way through. CGI was excellent and never over the top. This film mixes Star Wars/Avatar/Prince of Persia and hints of Indana Jones to make a wonderful film. This may not of done well on its initial release but I'm sure the DVD sales will make up for its box office flop.
    I would recommend to anyone who has enjoyed the mentioned movies above. Recommended!

  3.  You'd be blind to miss it!


    This film should of been marketed alot better than it was!! I really liked this movie. Sandra Bullock was superb (she also looks hot with blonde hair!!) was well made and should have done alot better but as usual the stereotypical british public don't give it a look as it's about gridiron. To be honest there's hardly any sport in this film and focuses mainly on the life and trials of the main character. I recommend anyone who wants a really good and different movie to watch. My girlfriend hates american football but she watched the movie from start to finish even though she was on the PC at the time and then commented how she really liked it. One of 2010's best movies!

  4.  Twilight - more like Night Night!


    I watched this with my girlfriend without knowing anything about the movie or the books! All I knew is that it was a vampire movie. Well there was a lot of decent advertising and hype when this got released so I thought why not, is this Lost Boys for the new age??........I should have left the missus to watch it! OK so its girly and not up my street but I'm open to any film so I'll give an honest review.
    Personally I think its not a good movie and felt it was too slow, was predictable and seemed low budget. If your after a decent vampire love movie then leave this for the devoted fans of the series and buy Underworld 3.

  5.  A good prequel to a trio of imaginative films!


    Both myself and partner are huge Underworld fans and we where unsure wether this movie would do justice to the first two films, without Kate Beckinsale it was hard to imagine how Rhona Mitra could pull this off but to our delight it was crafted exactly how you'd imagine and perfectly in sync with its predecessors, Rhona Mitra as Sonja deserves her place in the Underworld saga. Even though the story revolves around Sonja and Lucian I must admit that actor Bill Nighy stole the show for me as the cruel and ruthless Viktor. Its a perfect love story mixed with fantasy and myth to produce an outstanding, under-rated and enjoyable movie. Recommended!!