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  1.  Not Call of Duty Standard but still a Good Game!


    This game is alot of fun, sometimes frustrating but fun.

    The storyline is quite good, although short and the controls are cleverly utilised.

    Don't get me wrong, this is no call of duty, the graphics are decent, the online mode is alot of fun but could do with a lot more work!

    However, would recommend and a decent price to.

  2.  The Best Game on the Wii


    I can honestly say that this is the best game for the wii.

    It is just perfect!

    One of the big complaints about the wii were the graphics, well these graphics are up to ps3 standard.

    It suits absolutely all ages. The online mode is great and so are the grand prix modes. Better than it was on DS.

    With loads of different characters to choose from and unlock, with 8 different cups - 32 races this game is all round fun.

    A must have for the wii!

  3.  One of his Worser Films, and that takes some doing


    This really was not funny at all, there were a couple of laughable moments but they were very temporary and were funny for all the wrong reasons, Carey has been in a couple of really good films but I am afraid to say this was not one of them. The story line was non-existent. Would not reccommend to anyone, it would be a complete waste of money!

  4.  Outstanding Book but Lots of Uneeded Chapters


    I am a big fan of the inheritance series. This book was not a disappointment but at the same time it was very laboured and I am very disappointed that he did not finish the series off in this book.

    The basic storyline was very good and there were some good twists and battle scenes however alot of the book was just flying across alagaesia and it got a little dull at times.

    I would reccommed the book though be prepared for a long read...

    Can't wait 4 the 4th one!!!!

  5.  Good but not much included


    Good package

    Fifa 09 is great but just to clarify, apart from psp and fifa 09, you get mains charger and thats it, no memory stick etc which is a pain, no headphones etc but still gd fun

  6.  Outstanding


    There are lots of additions to the new version. Having high strength actually makes a difference - in a tussle for the ball a stronger player will win it, when going in for a tackle, if the players bump into eachother the smaller one gets knocked over - same with headers - all much more realistic.

    Not many changes to manager mode, still far better than any nintendo fifas although wages can sometime be unrealistic.

    The new "be a pro" feature has been a long time coming - has been on NFL games for the last 4 years but it is kind of worth the wait. It is clever and the controls are easy to learn however the zoomed in camera angle makes the graphics look worse.

    On the subject of graphics, much improved however still not great - much better on ps3 but that is expected. To get a higher quality of graphics you have to simply zoom the camera out.

    The new transfer feature outside of manager mode which means you can transfer a player without paying a transfer fee is clever.

    Online gaming has been improved as well.

    All in all, much improved and a very good game though cant wait for PES.

    Hope you guys find this useful

  7. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.72

     Gd Game


    This is a really good game with only 1 let down

    the graphics are very gd which i was surprised at considering the amount of explosions taking place all at once

    the levels are well done gradually building u up and the tutorial is excellnt!

    enemies are gd and wepons etc... are gd

    the down side is the lack of "free roam." there is restricted space in which to play in and for those who have seen the movie, some of the bits u really want to play are done as automated scenes e.g. the american airforce chasing ironman.

  8.  good game


    gets a bit silly sometimes but overall it is quite funny and ok to play

  9.  great phone


    really good phone. got good sound, very bright screen, god special effects with the camera. it does have a usb slot. it is just difficult to open, you have to do it from the other side. good phone

  10.  Good


    Quite good. The graphics are alot better than they look in the movie review and the moves are quite good however sometimes there is just nowher u can go, i am stuck on lvl 6 as there is nowhere to go as far as i can work out