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  1.  Buy it now,,,,,,,,,


    Been playing this game 4times a week about a hour a time and I've lost 15lbs in 2 weeks with a balanced diet I'm not fit at all and I really enjoy playing this loads of different classes to choice from and levels of fitness and I think this the best kinect game that picks you up really well good buy trust me

  2.  Peoples gamer


    Havin played the first one dragon rising which was a joke this is way way way much better ,smoother,controls easier,graphics look great it's a cross between ghost recon and battlefield have not played multiplayer yet due to psn network being down but I like this game

  3.  Peoples gamer


    Well single player good story graphics are good but you can tell the different engines used when you play multiplayer
    Which is also fun BUT to many snipers for the size of the maps and it would of been nice to use the choppers online to but it's worth getting until blackops but it's a good fps up there with the CODS but nit as good

  4.  peoplesgamer


    BIG fan of FPS games so bought this game becuase of a fellow gamer friend said it was ace well started to play it and i was a bit letdown THEN after the first couple of levels this game gets good fantasic weapons and other cool stuff you can do to your enemys dont know why there as not been a big hype about this game it like BIOSHOCK X FEAR BUT BETTER go and buy it

  5.  peoples gamer


    Well what can i say last time i played resident game was on the old ps and i downloaded the demo off xbox live and did not think much off it but after watching a friend play the full game i went out and got it and i promise you will not be let down some nice biggggg bosses to destroy so go and get it nowwww haha thank you

  6.  fantasic


    bought this game first time i ever played the unreal franchise before and i can say its really good i can not put it down well better than slow halo3 well worth the money and fun online to and at a good price so get it well worth it i promise ....

  7.  cod4 beta


    played the beta could not come off it , trust me when i say it will blow anything off the shelf when it comes out LETS DO THIS