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  1.  Get for iTouch + iPhone 3GS


    Great set of headphones, delivers amazing sound quality but shame the volume function does not work for iPhone 3G. Overall good set of replacement headphones for users that need headphones with remote like the iPod with mic vol control headphones.

  2.  Best usb i bought to this day.


    Pretty good usb, looks like it can last for quite a long time and for 8gb, i bought when it was around £17.49, pretty much a bargain for what you get for your cash. And like how the others talked about the extra programs, can delete if you dont need them.

  3.  One of the best cases ever (in my opinion)


    Great case, protects from scratches, bumps..
    Dropped the ipod on accident the other at the gym, smashed open the case and left my ipod all exposed. But looked at the ipod, nothing wrong after - no scratches etc - cos the case took the full impact.
    Many thanks for sending me this, playtrade!

  4.  Best purchase I ever made


    Although I owned i ipod nano 3g, i wanted somethin more because i still had to keep on deleting tracks when i wanted to keep them and so to some people, they would wonder why i din want my 8gb nano anymore. Well i bought mine elsewhere for £30 less, but its a fantastic little gadget and at 120gb, that is goin to take me a lifetime to fill up!
    Recommend for any users wanting to buy an ipod - but get the iphone if thats within your budget.



    Got this for my new psp that i ordered after getting it robbed with my 4gb with it..hence i thought, what the heck, might as wel get one with a larger capacity. 8gb, I know would last me for a long time cos it takes me a while to complete games fully, but this would sure hold many games that i havent been able to put before, such as the full game of Tekken Dark Resurrection.
    Anyways, enough of my talk, this works out cheaper if u buy this as an M2 with the Memory stick pro duo adapter which can be recognised instantly by the psp - although you may need to get it formatted (on the psp) first.
    Would surely get 16gb if it went down to £20-ish, but 8gb is enough for me for now.

  6.  Printing Quality Good but dont recommend to buy the printer


    The title says it all - dont buy the printer because it eats up your printing ink fast, and i mean fast. I've only printed like 10 pieces of B/W paper worth of work for University and my B/W ink level has gone down tremendously. If you are looking for a decent inkjet printer, buy the Canon PIXMA iP2600 Inkjet Printer.
    Still the Epson printer that uses this ink cartridge is still ok, none-the-less.

  7.  Slightly a bit overrated..


    The game itself is good, but it lacks something that can't be found on other zelda's...most of the dungeons are actualy from ocarina of time and enjoyable, but hoped it would have been slightly harder...
    Anyways not to reveal too mch of this game, try this out - even if you never played zelda before...i say this game is better suited to the wii console than GC, because of the nun-chucks and the wii-remote...

  8.  absolutely hilarious


    My youngest sister - aged 7 got this box set for christmas, and she loves it just as much as myself and my younger sisters. All of the three movies are unique in their own ways, with non stop laughing from shrek, fiona, puss in boots, donkey, the gingerbread man, pinocchio and other lovable characters that you may find in the classic disney collection.
    Worth buyin - 5*