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  1.  Hand me this game 10 years ago, the remote be in the tv.


    Ok I really love the tekken games. Had them all since first came out on playstation. When i saw Jun come back i was over the moon because shes one of my favourite. well Maybe not the Bot Version at the end no more. I Must Tell you, Overpowered and worse boss fight i have ever had on this game. Does not let you up and non stop attacking and block shots and rare time where beat her in one go.
    Other than that major let down. Nice gameplay. Online mode still fun. The new Tag moves are good fun.
    Get If your a tekken fan or looking for a challenge. if get stressed easily Aviod.

  2.  Alternative to Liar Liar


    When watching the film straight away i got that feeling of a comedy classic liar liar but of course it was not about lieing, but about number of words spoke.
    As the story goes on gets a 'curse' or 'blessing' which ever want to call it so every time he talks leaves full of he's life tree.
    A very funny comedy which as said before reminds me of liar liar so if like that film suggest watch this one.

  3.  Very entertaining!


    Ok cons first, at first i felt ripped off because all the in game story and speaking is not english, its chinese so i hope some patch comes out soon to fix this, the other things that i still dont like as much is 3 characters to choose from, yes lots of characters to choose from but to many in my mind, but i do love the extras they added in such as joan of arc from bladestorm and Ryu Hayabusa of ninja gaiden.
    Pros, i actually get the epic feel, like saving all the warriors etc, and fighting unknown enemy's, maps are exciting, but most of all the amount of enemy's can be unreal at times, i love it, getting always over 1k - 4k nearly every level.
    So if your a fan of samurai warriors, dynasty or even troy game, ii suggest getting this unless your not into another language story telling and sayings, but its not so bad once you get used to it.

  4.  Don't compare to dynasty warriors


    Been playing the game for near week now, i am quite impressed, but i fear most would compare it to dynasty warriors, it is slightly in battlefield layouts, but its mixed with the game viking: battle for asgard, which i do like.
    Upgrading yourself is like RE5 where you add how strong want to be and certian perks to do special moves.
    Graphics are quite good and can see quite alot on the battlefield, the moves are quite normal, no jump, you kill to earn money to buy stuff. The story mode just goes through a story in which has one character per a map.
    The extra game on here the arena is not bad either really.
    The reason for 4 stars as i feel could do a story line for each character as the story in battles doesnt get you as fixed. would like the film 300 made into a game like this one though :)

  5.  A good Tale relived


    I bought this film from seing the trailer, reading about it and the fact it's got andy in it.
    Well the film has good war battles, i say its a slight mix of kingdom of heaven and lotr battle of helms deep.
    i have given this film 4 stars due to was not much excitment at places and talking can be pointless in some area's but overall great action and acting there, reminds me of warriors of heaven and earth though with improvements in technoolgy, so i enjoyed it.
    Suggest buying if like chinese films like i do and andy lau, if not wait untill warlords come out and red cliff because there the best ones

  6.  Just Incredible


    I've had the Eyecam for 5 months now and i'm very happy with getting it.
    The eyecreate is very useful and pictures since my webcam not good standards, the eyecam games are not that bad at the moment but from what's coming out i'm looking very forward
    The sound and the picture is very good, used it for online and talking to friends quite alot
    Also It's so easy to setup.
    If want to talk to friends, been seen, take pictures on your PS3 this is it.
    Suggest getting this, if not sure look at what's coming out on it in furture =)

  7.  Extremely Useful


    I saw this in the sale and i wanted a headset because people had problems hearing me on eyecam and people get so loud i have to turn it down till can't hear the TV.
    For £17.99 from £25 i am Extremely happy with it.
    Its so easy to set up, light and comfortable which is all you need with good quality which is has!
    No problems hearing people and myself now and super happy
    Suggest getting =)

  8.  Top Quality =)


    I've had alot of headphones because seem to break quickly.
    But these headphones are just Brilliant.
    Their cheap, reliable, fit in eyes perfect with no hearing outside world and the sound is top quality, and their comfortable.
    Suggest buying these headphones! you won't be sorry
    Try not to lose ear pieces because their quite expensive to replace.

  9.  Demo - Sid's done it again!


    This is a great strategy game, and point out only one on PS3 at the moment.
    It's a fun game to play with alot of characters to pick from, from romans Cesar to Gandhi, Tokugawa, Genghis khan and more.
    Of course in this game can either take over from might/power, society etc. of course most of us like the might power.
    I wish the demo was longer, but i got addicted to the game, the graphics aren't to bad but the game itself is very enjoyable and be stuck at it for hours.
    Perhaps play demo before buy but if certain, get it!! Thank you Sid

  10.  Loving It!! stay away dino's!! - Demo Review


    I bought this game before playing the demo, but then got my hands on the american demo ( must point out america's demo's are not all so good really ) but anyway
    I had good fun on the demo, going around with a helper for abit who is in good graphics and guns, storyline is actually very good, the guns are great, the knife is great and most importantly shooting dino's and bad guys are excellent!!, some points can be jumpy i have to say but then setting the raptors on the bad guys is funny and helpful. a must get game for all RPG's and dino fans