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  1.  Easy.


    Really good, you can set it up in minutes, and it doesn't do a bad job at all. Not quite HD, if it was i'd have given 5 stars. Worth the money.

  2.  Yeah, Pretty Good.


    Not bad at all really cool game, a nice change from the Call of Duty series (though have to admit it's not quite a good!) The online multiplayer is quite good too. Nice to see sniper rifles being used as they're intended, unlike COD where people run around quickscoping all the time! Definately worth a try.

  3.  I'm not the biggest fan of War, but...


    This book is a great read. Very informative, touching, and gory (the descriptions of injuries and treatments leaves little to the imagination)!
    Shows in detail the extents to which Medics in the Army (past and present) deal with the war as they become immersed more deeply in intense action than a lot of the soldiers do.
    From the bravery of the cooks and barbers turned stretcher-bearers who carry the injured from the front line back to safety, to the heroics of the medics treating the wounded at the scene as enemy attacks surround them, this book details it all.

    A great tribute to these brave and selfless individuals.

  4.  Great price, easy to use


    A really good buy. If you're like i was and just looking for a printer to do those jobs at home or in the office then this is a good choice, as it obviously has several features and is at a really good price. Like the other review says though, this doesn't come with a USB cable so be prepared because there's nothing more annoying than having waited for something you need and then not being able to use it straight away!

  5.  One Of The Best Films Ever Made!


    Tarantino is associated with yet another gem! I managed to buy this from Play.com at an amazing price but i would have gladly paid more for this action packed movie-madness! Plenty of guns, girls, drugs, and fighting along with fantastic storylines to keep you wondering why you didnt own this film sooner!



    Amazing performances from a great acting line-up. An absolutely fantastic film following Micky and Mallory, notorious lovers and serial killers. Great story, great acting, lots of blood and killing, with a great showing of the love which exists between these murderers. This film is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Much better than i was expecting- an absolute action packed thriller.. with, of course, an outstanding prison break!! I need to go watch this again!

  7.  Even looks good in pink!


    I bought this as a treat for my special lady (lucky as i wouldnt have liked the pink one so much for myself really), a worthwhile purchase, smells relaxingly of lavender!

  8.  Does the job, easy to use!


    For me, this webcam is ideal. Very easy to use, good quality, and a fair price! If, like me, you aren't too up on these things and you're looking for something straight forward that does the job, then this could be for you!

  9.  Great!


    This film, from the J-horror series, definately keeps you entertained. If you are looking for something a little different from your average 'horror' film then this should definately be on your wish list! Very strange, very scary... an excellent film!

  10.  Definately Cool!


    A low-budget film which i think it definately worth a watch, and a must buy for dedicated zombie fans, though expect a little alien randomness thrown in too. The film generally is very enjoyable with a very Cool main character who really knows how to use his guns!!