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  1.  Brilliant...Until you go online.


    First of all, I have to say this game is definately one of my favorites, and people complaining that it wears you out playing are obviously playing it wrong.

    Before you even start, go to practice mode and have a play around with the characters, learn some moves and get to learn some combos, otherwise you will have no chance against some of the harder levels of the game.

    If you want a good fighting game to play with your mates on the weekend, buy tekken, its easily playable by anyone and if you want you can button bash and usually string together a lot of good moves.

    Also, i definately wouldn't spend £40 on a game just to play as darth vader, go and buy battlefront 2 to get a lot more for your money star wars wise.

    The character creator (or create-a-soul) is a very welcome addition, with thousands of combinations to make an existing fighter or a totally new one exactly how you want them, as all the different items of clothing/ armour have different qualities, and encourages you to experiment with either a high attack or defence, or just outlast the opposition with superior hp. Its also rather fun to make characters from other games or programmes, they usually come out quite good (The Hulk is a good one to start with)

    As mentioned in the title, the online in Soul Calibur really is poor, i have not yet gone into a game where theres been less than half a second of lag, which doesn't sound very much, but makes a significant difference when fighting the host who will be lag free which is why i have given only 4 stars.

    Overall definately a game i would recommend, but if you are wanting something to just pick up and play with no learning curve, buy pretty much any of the tekken series which are also great games, but spend a little time and effort on this and you will definately be rewarded.

  2.  Outstanding.


    This is by far my favourite game on ps3 so far. I also own assassins creed, ninja gaiden, guitar hero and skate, in my opinion easily some of the best games on the ps3 so far, but this blows them all out of the water.

    The one thing that is a bit disappointing with this game is the short story mode, it is absolutely brilliant but only lasts 6-7 hours max, but surely quality is better than quantity right?

    Also, the jaw-dropping graphics and almost perfect online mode make this THE fps to buy.

  3.  Raw, unprocessed arcade fun


    As you probably all know, from experience in various arcades, sega rally is one of the best arcade rally games ever made, and you all now have the chance to have this fun in your own homes. If you want a realistic rally experience, go and buy colin McRae dirt, which is also very good, but if you want hours of fun that all the family can enjoy, buy this, and at £17.99, its one of the best things you can buy for under £20.

  4.  Legendary


    Being the first guitar hero i bought, i was a bit skeptical about the things that were said about the last two, and the rave reviews that they got, but this truly lives up to the legend, it is one of the most addictive games i have ever played, and it even took me off of call of duty for a while, which is a feat in itself. its great fun using the guitar, and if you don't have two you can use a sixaxis controller, which is great fun when friends are round. Hours of fun, a must buy.