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Product Reviews

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  1.  Great Bag, Reasonable price.


    I got one of these about a year ago and I must admit it wasn't as big as I was expecting. It's about the size of a pizza box. It shows up nicely packaged and I have had no problems with it. Great stitching the leather feel part is prone to scratches though. I recommend highly.

  2.  Best product I bought from Play.


    I bought one of these a year ago and used it up until last week where I lost it. I was so gutted. Then I found them on sale an snapped two up. I'm an I.T technician and find the Utili-key is the most used tool I have. The supposed "Bottle opener" is so small. It just will not open any beer I have tried it on. The rest of the tools on it however are amazing.

  3.  Great product.


    Great product. Saves me carrying around a big bottle opener like I used to. One small problem with it is that It can be very awkward trying to get bottles with tight bottle caps off. I had a bottle of corona last week took me a good 4-5 minutes to get the cap off. Still love it though.

  4.  Good for a quick laugh


    Quite a fun little item. Made me and my girlfriend laugh for a while. Then got bored as most of the positions tend to be very similar just with very minor alterations. I picked these up for £2.99 a few months ago. Only looked at them twice.

  5.  Nice and cheap.


    Great product, have used many times and I am definately starting to see a difference (although I am doing regular sit ups along side.) Causes an increase in Ab definition, For all those craving a summer six pack, buy this now. Build quality left me wanting. Half of the pad stopped working after 6 months. But for a fiver I wasn't expecting much more. I have had 2 in the last year and the second is still going strong. There is a small flaw in the product that it from time to time turns itself off. Doesn't really make a difference though as it can be turned back on quite eastily.

  6.  Amazing novel


    Fantastic book. I read this before watching the television series and found no comparison. The book was far better then the series. I found the TV series dragged what could have been a 6 episode series across 12 whilst adding many superfluous elements. For a much more enjoyable experience read the book.

  7.  A decent low end storage device.


    For the price I wasn't expecting it to last very long. But 6 months later and it is still working without fault. To be honest I am very suprised. I have long since lost the lid (It began to break within a week then just wouldn't stay on the drive) I will buy one of these again when this one eventually dies.

  8.  A decent story.


    This book is the sequel to Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Although a good read I found it lacked the charm of the first book. I did continue to read it but by the end I found that I was reading purely out of loyalty as apposed to being riveted to find out the outcome. After reading this I doubt if I will read the third book in the series.

  9.  Excellent Product.


    Absolutely superb product. Sound quality is amazing, although I recommend getting a better set of headphones the default set are very uncomfortable and do not do justice to the player. I regret not buying a screen protector sooner. The screen is prone to scratching and can make watching videos on the player a little awkward. But I am nit picking here. This is an excellent player for both videos and music.