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  1.  3 stars


    Not a bad film but not great, still worth a watch though

  2.  Fantastic


    Wathced this when it first came out, all about Germany, family life and the aftermath of ww1 leading up to ww2 and on into the 1980s, it really is very good and gives a differant perspective on the germany as viewed by the allies during ww2 and what succesive generations have seen, apart from thet it really is very very good.

  3.  great 80s t.v.


    this is realy good looks a bit dated now and perhaps needs re-making s it would probly be more in depth and treuer to what realy happend realy is amust for most war film/programme history fans .

  4.  great


    oh at last i do hope thay realese all of this i used to love this progrome back in the late 70s and right up till about 1988 you could still see it on normal t.v. tells the story of an aussie family in ww2 i will defanatly be bying it but at 29 pound i think ill wait a bit or look on somewere else but all in all a very good soap from austrailia go on bye "coba"

  5.  awassome action


    fantastic, caught this on t.v. about 2 weeks ago and it was half way through, carried on watching as i was hooked after about 2 mins, have just bought it, one of the best ever martial arts films iv ever seen and iv seen a few, you wont regret watching this and it has a very good story line to it to, go on it realy is worth waching.

  6.  inspiring


    Tom Cruse at hes best Tim Spall and Billy Connolly also give exallent performance,s love the honner and trust that that gets built up between watanbe and cruises charecters this realy is a good 2 hours and 28 minuet film .

  7.  cool beans


    this film and its music is very good not big buget but just a nice intelgent film with some very very good music from the time that most of it is set circa 1970s about 77 i would say realy is worth a watch if just for the music.

  8.  truely outstanding


    this film does show the horror of war and some of the idiotic dicitions that were made that were made by the higher ranks becus thay were so full of of themselves the music in this fil is also very good and it has a very good story to it as well you will not regret getting i sure, and mel gibson looks so young.

  9.  very good


    see this about 20 tears back and am just watching it again, shows just how cruel children can be but the story over all is very good and so worthy of watching, i am looking for a series 8 episode 12 play for the today called "Licking Hitler" with Harriet walter but cant seem to find it avaible to by.

  10.  one of the best


    im not realy a vietnam war film lover but i must say this film is worth at least 5 stars mel gibson is great in this .