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  1.  Life Time Must See


    This film is one of those which must be seen during your life at some point, full of action and emotion you'll never feel the same about war films again.
    With a brilliant story line and acting excellence, you'll be missing out if you don't purchase, and at 7.99 you can't go wrong. Picture and sound quality on BLU RAY is also fantastic.

  2.  What A Film !


    This movie is outstanding, brilliant story line which will grip you the entire 2 hours and make you wanting more, the acting from all parts are amazing and a definate must see. This film is the first of 3, and what a way to start... Brilliant !

  3.  Great film, a must have


    I wouldn't go as far as saying that it's one of the greatest war films made but it's definatly up there, Josh Hartnett with acting greatness throughout, and ease of relation to the film due to the present day wars, a brilliant film and action packed. The picture and sound quality of this film in BLU RAY is also outstanding.

  4.  Only 3D is worthwhile.


    In this collection you will get the BLU RAY and 3D copy, in my opinion the 3D version is the only one worth watching, the story line isn't the greatest but the effects of 3D in this film are spectacular and never ending. A definate must have in the collection and a brilliant film for when a group of friends are watching with you as well.

  5.  He's still got it


    Michael Caine still performing as good as ever, in this moving and deep film, you follow an old fella in a rough area of London and witness the troubles he encounters, you won't want to leave the sofa as Harry Brown gets his own back on the disrespectful youths of his neighbourhood by any means necessary, a definate movie needed in the collection.

  6.  Can't say a bad thing


    This film is truly fantastic, full of emotion, action and just the right amount of romance. Beautiful film and a definate must see. The quality on BLU RAY is outstanding and the story line is epic and can be easily related to, due to the film being based on a true story, Daniel Craig at his best.

  7.  Amazing, Just Amazing


    When Assassins Creed was released I saw many trailers of the game and to be honest it just looked down right amazing, later that week i purchased the game and wow. It really did live up to its expectations. Brilliant graphics (normal for most 360 Games), Brilliant game play and realistic moves and actions. Personally Assassins Creed is one of my favourite games on the Xbox. Few parts of the game didn't match my expectations such as not being able to swim, no pain from extreamly high jumps and how guards will chase you, when you run. But apart from that, an astonishing game and one of the best so far for the Xbox and if it was upto me to choose games for you, Assassins Creed would be my first choice of game, thank you for reading and happy gaming.

  8.  Not Quite Sure


    Started the game absoloutly outstanding loved it, couldnt get enough. Soon as I reached chapter 4-5 began to get extreamly repetavtive and also slightly boring, if your looking for a game with a small story line and just a few hours of play this game is for you, but if you like me and many others then this game will first began to tingle your taste buds but after a while, you begin to think if you had made the right choice. Me and my mate completed the game with over half achivements done in less then one day !!! Thats how short it really is, on the other hand it does have medium graphics along with clever and slightly intense gameplay but not my choice of game.
    Thank You For Reading....