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  1.  love it.


    This t-shirt fits really well and the design looks nice and unique. The main reason I bought this was because I was fed up of everyone just wearing the 'tongue' t-shirt so I wanted something to show that I loved the Rolling Stones without looking like I had never heard them before. Great price buy it now!

  2.  To the other reviewers...


    I get what your saying. However, if you are on the minimum size for a small get a small, smallest for medium get a medium ect. I went with a medium and it is too big but it looks like they are all gone now so i cant exchange it.

  3.  Very protective!


    Jjust got the red iPod nano for Christmas and love it! I go crazy anyone puts their dirty fingermarks over the screen, and I wanted a hard case for school as I am certain without one it will break. So I saw this and thought this is the most protective case out there. Well its very sturdy and very hard so it looks like it wont break at any point. All of the case is in acrylic including the screen and the scroll wheel is in a think a silicon cover and still works perfectly.
    I definitely recommend this product and I have seen silicon cases for about £20 in the iPod shop.
    Please Vote!!!

  4.  To those people...


    No unfortunately they do not work with either the xbox 360 or ps3, however adapters can be purchased for around £10 so they can. These headphones i purchased about a month ago and i would say they are fantastic! There is alot of bass to them, its almost like you are in a cinema. 5 star from me as they are fantastic and if you are worried about the build quality, dont be, it doesnt seem an issue to me. Please vote!!!

  5.  Worth buyin'!


    When i bought theese i wasn't hoping for perfect speaker quality but i was so wrong! Theese speakers are realy good quality and they are very loud so i can irritate the neighbours! If your looking at this product and are not sure, i would advice you to buy them. And for anyone concerned about the size well here you go...

    Each speaker-16x10cm

    The only reason that theese speakers are not 5 stars is because they dont have great base. You can still feel it though, just a tad to soft.
    please vote!!!

  6.  Amazing!!!


    i was looknig for 2 months for a laptop and stumbled across this. I was drawn to it because its HP (the best laptop manafacture) and it has a good graphics card and 2GB RAM. Its very smooth to run and i have has no problems what so ever. Plus (breath in) comes with sims life stories demo which plays smoothly on high graphics. Ive tried many games to test the graphics card and they are...
    half life 2
    Age Of Empires III
    The sims

    and they all work perfectly on high settings! im just so chuffed and would reccomend it highly if you have the money. You may think oh yeah its rubbish its HP but on all the computer forums they say its the best. Plus it comes in a greyish blackish colour which looks better than the picture :P If you found this useful please vote!!!

  7.  Its good if your like Ben 10


    This game is based on the tv-show and fetures such villans as ghostfreak and vilgax.
    The problem with this is that there is not enough of your aliens. you can only be 4-arms, accelerate, heatblast, cannonbolt and that viney dude. The other is the repetative storylines, you just kick the bad guys.. bum.
    I personally find it fun but fails as a good game. Adults, if your buying this for your children, i so go for it because it does take quite a long time to complete and its fun to play!