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  1.  Spacey makes a great Lex


    Both me and my son absolutely loved this movie when it came out. The graphics makes it impossible to take your eyes off the screen. Great movie for a night in.

  2.  Very Glam


    A little disappointing that FYE isn't in the line up but over all for a first tour its really quite amazing. Lots of glitter and glam and love some of the new styles he's put some of the tracks. Great performer live.

  3.  You can get a better mobile for less money in my opinion.


    It seems an aweful lot of money for not much mobile to be honest. If you leave the internet off the battery will last a couple of days but if it left on it will last less than 10 hour on standby. Also the bluetooth is pointless because you cant send and receive media. The youtube and facebook apps work well but it does drain the battery (like all android phones do) It tends to freeze alot too!!! The camera is also not 5mp quality its more like 1.3 mp and has no zoom. market place is quite good though. you can download plenty off apps for free. the more apps you download though the slower the phone runs. overall its ok but not worth the money at all!!!!!

  4.  Unthinkably, Unbelievable *EPIC*


    Wow. What a find this Movie was. Never heard of it before but its epic. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Michael Sheen and Samuel L Jackson are both incredible in their best role's ever, so glad i stumbled upon this movie. would have loved to see it in the cinema!
    Also, Blu-Ray is much better quality than the standard copy.

  5.  Greatest Debut EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)


    I bought this album from America in November as soon as it was released because i couldn't wait for the UK release. I absolutely love it. There is a fantastic song on it called "Fever" written by "Lady Gaga" and like "FYE" and "Pick U Up" it's very upbeat, kind of Disco POP is gets you in a good party mood. If you were a fan of his on American Idol you will love this. The Track "Time For Miracles" was played at the end on the Movie "2012" for those of you who have seen it. Also Soaked was written by Matt Bellamy the lead singer from Muse. Its a very "Muse song" but Adam does a great job on it. Pink wrote Whataya want from me and its brilliant. Very pop with a hint of Rock. Then the song called Voodoo was Originally on the movie "Labrynth" sung by David Bowie who is one of Adams Idols. Its a great debut album. It has something on it for everyone. He has even Co-wrote a couple of the songs. Go but it and enjoy.

  6.  The best Take That album yet.


    A good mix of songs on this album. All the guy's get to show a good range of vocal ability. A must for any take that fan.

  7.  Listen B4 U C Movie U wil Unda stand beta


    It's totally different compared to the Twilight soundtrack.
    This fits the book very well. You should play whilst reading the book.
    Most of the songs are really relaxing and tranquil. The more rocky songs are upbeat and exciting. If you like the book you will love this.
    When you watch the movie you will understand each track better.

  8.  Best Ever Sequal


    All of the Major scenes from the book are in the movie. It grips you from the beginning. There are a few scenes in the book that are not in the movie but they are not so major so you dont really miss them too much. Kristen plays Bella's "Depression" to perfection. She has you almost in tears as you feel her pain. Taylor is also absolutely fantastic as Jacob Black. He is both funny and emotional. Robert plays Edward better in this movie than in Twilight. The chemistry between him and Kristen really show in New Moon and they make you believe everything about it. There are some really funny parts and really sad parts. On the whole this is the best movie i have seen in a long time. I have to say that the Volturi are fantastic as well, although their scenes are short but sweet. The CGI used for the Wolves is like nothing i have ever seen before. They are so life like. New Moon is exactly what you expect from a fantasy film. Breathtaking and Gripping Eclipse is going to be EPIC. I cant wait for it.

  9.  5Stars for Fantastic Season


    Best season yet.
    However this season keeps you gripped right to the last minute of the last episode

  10.  Breath Taking


    I absolutely love this movie. It wont be to every ones taste but if you live a love storey with a twist, this is the movie for you.
    By far Rob Pattinson's best performance yet.
    I've read all 4 books in this saga and i'm sure that all the movies will get better and better. New moon the (second book) is due out in cinemas as a movie in November so buy this now and get watching. You will love it.