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  1.  Great display piece, average toy...


    The Naruto Ultimate action figure is a 12 inch/30 cm tall electronic action figure of the lead charecter of Naruto from the anime series of the same name. The figure comes with 4 sounds (2 punching noises and 2 kicking noises) and has a punching/slashing feature and a kicking feature. By pressing the button on his back Naruto will slash his kuroi in his right hand and punch up with his left, while one of the 2 punching noises are made. Twist his waist and his left leg will fly up with a kick, accompanied by one of the kicking sounds. Other then that, thats really it.
    Though i've given the figure 4 stars, i've given stars depending on certain factors. As a toy it only gets 2 stars. Aside from the features it has little articulation. The head and wrists moves as well as the feet and knee joints but because of the electronic features on the arms and leg theres little else it can do. So after you've pressed the button or twisted the waist a few times thats pretty much it. The toy however looks great.
    It's well sculpted with bright colours and has a chunky feel, along with the height of 12", make it look big and solid so would easily stand out on your shelf or desk, especially with the bright orange suit Naruto wears. The face is particulary well done as is the headband. Looks alot more impressive then the picture on Play. As a display piece, which is what i got it for, it gets bumped up to 3 stars. It just looks damn nice.
    The 4th star is the price. Whether it's as a toy or a display piece, £4.99 is damn good especially when you consider it's size and features.
    Overall, if your getting it to display i recommend it, no doubt. As a toy however, i can see the little one possibly getting bored with it quickly, however, as it comes in at under a fiver, it's definetly worth the price for any Naruto fans.

  2.  ECW The Start And The End


    Here you have 2 ECW PPVs the very first in 1997 Barely Legal and the last in One Night Stand 2006.
    ONS 06 was a definete let down over 2005 which could be classed as the last REAL ECW PPV. Though this had some aspects of the ECW of old (like using Masato Tanaka and Terry Funk) it was mostly a set-up to the return of ECW to the SciFi channel, what most refer to as WWECW now. The main highlight is the RVD/Cena match worth it just for the crowd ripping Cena to shreds all night and the emotional moment Van Dam finally reached the top of the mountain and became WWE (and then ECW) Champion for the first time.
    Barely Legal was simply brilliant, highlighted by the ECW World Championship matches and the end of a long 2 year build up of Taz and Sabu.
    The inclusion of Barely Legal, the RVD/Cena Title match and the 2 for 1 price gets this 4 stars. Had the set been Barely Legal with ONS 2005, it would get the full 5.

  3.  A Dissapointing Shirt For RVD Fans


    Rob Van Dam is known for having some of the best designed singlets in wrestling and this usually translates over to his t-shirts which are as unique and well designed. This one however falls quite flat.
    The image is of a yin/yang symbol, something Van Dam uses alot on his t-shirts and attire. It's a sloppy done design and what you can just make out, if you look really close, is that they used RVD in ths design of the yin/yang as he's doing his Rolling Thunder Splash move.
    Whereas the Beniot t-shirt was a sublte in-joke; a silouhette of him doing the Diving Headbutt, a image only fans would recognise, im surprised anybody could recognise that this is Van Dam in the picture or a Van Dam shirt.
    I'm a huge RVD fan which makes it even wrose to see such a weak t-shirt. 2 stars for this one.

  4.  Timmy!


    Obviously a little bit controversial but when has South Park not been?
    The front sees Timmys face and I'm Special while the back has a disabled sign with Timmy in it, all printed on a grey tshirt. The reason i've only given it 4 stars is the print feels weird and kinda sticky, though this is a small pet peeve.
    A must for South Park fans!

  5.  A Classic!


    When South Park first hit our waves there was one image which nearly every piece of merchandise got hit with, especially t-shirts and it was this one; the classic "Oh My God, You Killed Kenny".
    While the "I'm Special" Timmy shirt has proved to be a popular resurgence for South Park t-shirts, it was this design that started it all way back when in 1997 and something every fan should have.
    It also works as a retro piece, now that the famous gag has all but been discontinued.
    I would have prefered a black tshirt, hence the 4 stars but otherwise it's a quality and nostalgic piece of merchandise.

  6.  Beautiful black album inspired tshirt


    Though most Metallica t-shirts are known for there over the top nasty style covers of skulls on fire or with spikes driven through them, this is a much more subtle design inspired by the classic Black Album cover.
    The front has the classic logo and a flying v down the right hand side of the chest, in a classic destressed look. The back, meanwhile, has the band name and set list from the Black Album down at the bottom of the shirt, also distressed.
    If your looking for a shirt which isn;t too in your face but still want to show your love of 'Tallica, this is a perfect choice. The old school mentality plus the distressed look to make it seem its from the 80's/90's makes this a winner.

  7.  Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal Death Defying Maniac


    One of only 2 Sabu shirts made in his short run in the new ECW (the first created as the brand launched, just over a year ago after ONS 06) this shirt shows Sabu doing what he does best: Being Hardcore.
    This shirt is currently listed as an Exclusive on WWE's shop so chances of them releaing to our shores are slim (plus if they do it will be twice as much on euroshop) so getting it here and now is a safe bet.
    This is the best and cheapest place to pick it up. 5 stars and a Magician of Arabia (point to the sky)

  8.  He Will Rock You!


    Wow lame opener but it's true, a truly awesome new 18" figure from NECA. This sees them take a different route as they usually go for horror icons like Jason, Freddie and Pinhead. Here we have the charismatic frontman of one of the UK's greatest rock bands. Freddie is dressed in one of his most identifible attires, with the yellow leather jacket and trainers. He comes with the only accesory he could come with, his trusty microphone and stand piece, which slots into his hand. The microphone can also be tilted up and down and comes with a little elad on the end for a nice touch. He's motion actovated and plays snippets of 3 Queen songs.
    A quality piece and worth adding to your collection.

  9.  We have such sights to show you!


    Another brilliant 18" masterpiece from NECA of the Hellraiser himself Pinhead! Pinhead comes with numerous soundbites from the movies which are activated if someone walks in the room. He comes with 2 accesories, a bloody curved knife and the puzzle box, The Lament Configuration. Extra points goes to having more knives and torture deivces hanging from his waist.
    A definite pick up for fans! Given only 4 stars cos i was unhappy with the accessories given. Though the puzzle box was nice, would have liked something other then a bland knife.

  10.  "But this is our hill. And these are our beans!"


    I can't tell you how much i love this trilogy. Sure it starts to lose some steam, towards the end but Leslie Nielsen makes it all worthwhile as Frank Drebin of Police Squad!
    You need to get this box set. Only £7 for 3 of the funniest films in history? Hell, i shouldn't need to sell you on it. So stop reading this and buy it already!