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  1.  This Deal ROCKS


    When i saw it i couldn't believe it GH Van Halen with FREE wireless guitar and GH World Tour. I ordered it not knowing if id get the free gifts as it seemed too good to be true but sure enough the whole lot arrived!!...On the day of release too!

    The best deal i have ever found on the net. ABSOLUTE BARGAIN. Strum bar is quite awkward for left handed people but i cant complain for this price!!!!

    Get it while you still can!!!

  2.  The best racing game i have played


    I love this game! You can modify any car to make it fly, huge selection of cars and tracks are included. Once installed to the xbox HDD loading times are pritty quick. Graphics are amazing, just like GT4 on the PS3. The game also includes a XBL code for a free add-on which gives you more cars and tracks. I have spent hours playing this game so farr and not bored of it atall.

    It's a must have for any xbox owner

  3.  Stunning!!


    I have only played the single player and OMG its stunning. Graphics are so realistic it's just like a film. It has small frame rate issues on my GTX275 but otherwise runs superb maxed out at 1650 x 1050. The missions are fun and hetic just like the previous call of duty games. There is alot of variety with different locations (Afgan, Russia, Brazil etc) Id say this game is worth the money just for the single player alone. MP is bound to be sorted out soon if there are issues for fan boys.

    The only issue i have is that it is short, just 4 hours of play and i have almost completed it on normal difficaulty!

    Best PC game to date. BUY IT

  4.  Excellent Game


    This game is brilliant. The graphics are AMAZING on a Geforce GTX275, the framerate is perfect.
    The game has got me hooked, it can be tricky in places trying to find out a route to take but this adds to the length and fun of the game. Superhero games are normally rubbish but this one is outstanding.
    This platform game is excellent when used with an xbox360 controller, the game seems quite long as i have been playing for hours on end and still only 15% the way through the single player campain.

    Buy it!

  5.  Excellent WW2 shooter with extras thrown in!


    Very good game, its a little like COD world at War with Super natural bits and pieces thrown in.
    I wasn't very impressed at first...there doesn't seem to be any application controlled AA and the graphics didn't seem that great compared with modern titles, but once you play for an hour or so it gets alot better! Im not sure what the other chap was on about saying 'the cut scenes are good', as they are very short and somewhat slow! Maybe they get better in the game.
    Loading times are very quick on this game which is always a plus.

    If you like FPS you should get this to add to your collection. Its good fun and addictive

  6.  SBK 09


    Graphics on this game are excellent, runs perfectly maxed out on Windows 7, Geforce GTX 275, 6GB ram, Phenom Quad Core. The game works well with the xbox 360 controller and is quite realistic, you cant just hold down the accelerator all the way round.
    The only thing id say about this game that lets it down is the sound. Bike sounds are very quiet when your on your own and all you hear during a race is a looped drowning background motorbike noise and nothing from your bike or the bikes next to you.

    Id reccommend this title if your a bike fan, for the price it is a bargain.

  7.  Finally a flight game for PS3


    Finally a modern flight game has been released on PS3! I was a big fan of ace combat 6 on the xbox360, and this is just as good. Loads of planes to choose from and rewards to unlock. Trophies are fairly easy to obtain which is never a bad thing! The only thing with these games is as soon as you lock onto a target and fire a single missile, it will pritty much always hit and destroy the target, even if it is an aircraft carrier or bridge!

    Love flight games, and this is no exception. Id reccommend to any flight sim fans to buy this on PS3 or PC.

  8.  Excellent once you get into it


    At first it doesnt seem that good, but once you get a few missions in you start to see the COD2 / COD4 roots and it becomes a fantastic game! Flame thrower missions are fun and graphics are basivally same as COD4. Havn't played online yet but i have been told its as good if not better than COD4. Definatly worth buying at £29.99

  9.  Excellent!!


    This pack is brilliant!! I used to play flight simulator x but it never used to run well on my pc. Now upgraded to Phenom quad core and 9800GTX and with SP2 and accelleration add-on this baby flies!! The DX10 graphics (once enabled) are truely amazing.

    I love this game, worth every penny over the stand alone version!!

  10.  Excellent - Better than PS3


    I have been a loyal ps3 fan for ages now but never really tried the xbox360. Recently I've been bored with the games on the PS3 so i bought a 360 Elite. It's AMAZING. So much quieter than the premium model, its no louder than a desktop pc! Charge and play kit comes in handy (So buy one!) and games look simply amazing. Due to its AA capabilities, its graphically better than the PS3. Im selling my PS3 to make way for this baby, Gear of War and Bioshock are stunning. Can't wait to buy some more games for it.
    Although you have to pay to play online, its worth it as it has LOADS more content than the PS3.

    Out of the box and up and running only took 5 - 10mins using HDMI connection and hooking upto my 2.1 sound system! The adaptor you get with the elite makes it possible to connect a sound system at the same time as using HDMI for video (Premium and Arcade do not come with this adaptor)

    Buy one now!!!