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  1.  Will Not Disappoint!


    I will be complelely honest. I'm a secret Ninja Turtle nerd. Having grown up with the 80's series full of toilet humor and pizza, I always knew what it was about. Say Hero Turtles and I could sing you the theme song.
    However, it was never my favourite. My favourite and what I see as 'My' Turtles are always the 2003 series (forgetting Fast Forward ever existed.) Why, you ask? When there's so much nostalgia in the 80s series? I am just still so happy with how they brought it up to date and made it more realistic. No reboot of Ninja Turtles will go by when there's not a point where 'insanity' happens, like trips to other dimensions or Hero Frogs, but, it's all part of the creativity.
    So, combine my nostalgia with my love for the new and you can guess that I was excited for (another) Turtles reboot. I waited...over a year after I read about it, keeping myself on the fence because, as willing as I was, I felt like nothing could top My Turtles. When the trailers came, I was still unsure, worried about the almost anime elements of the screenplay and the way the animation was made. Cartoon to CGI is a big change. Some fans out there won't like this purely because it IS CGI. I am not one of those. Everything has to be watched once. I suffered the entire season of Fast Forward and will never do it again, for example.
    Remaining in limbo about my feelings, I was naturally looking forward to its debut. With big names like Jason Biggs and Sean Astin in the roles of Leonardo and Raphael, it really had a lot to live up to.
    So, it gives me great pleasure to tell anyone who has not yet seen an episode that it really does not disappoint. The first episode had my full attention which is no easy task! Everything about this series works, with three major links: 1, Theme, which ties into the original 'Heroes In A Half Shell,' 2, Donatello's voice. Rob Paulsen actually played Raphael in 1987! And all these years on, it's easily recongnizable. 3: The end of the title sequence, depicting the image of the turtles from the comic.
    Everything in this series is brought up to date, and is not goofy or childlike, my two main concerns that it could be. For me, the '03 series added a maturity and danger to the Turtles that the 80s series really lacked, yet keeping the sarcasm and fun. This does all of this with a refreshing new twist. The dialogue is naturally aimed at the younger generation, but is not too immature that the older fan cannot enjoy.
    The storylines (so far) are really strong. Again, there's a few silly moments, it's going to happen, and I wont fault it for them. Sometimes things can be a little obvious, there's a big setup in the beginning and almost a moral at the end of every episode, yet it's never cheesy.
    This series brings an adolescence to the Turtles that we've never really seen before, allowing them to act like normal teenagers yet still be our mutant ninjas we love. Also explored is Donatello's liking for April. April is a teenager in this series as opposed to being a working adult, again, a fact I mulled over, but it's presented well and works.
    One huge surprise for me was Raphael. When I read Sean Astin would be voicing him, I said 'that can't work.' He's amazing. I really did not think he could pull off the rough and tough attitude of Raph. He really can.
    Perhaps some downers: Splinter isn't the grey rat we know and love this time, it took me a while to adjust, however, they're trying to make him look like a realistic pet rat.
    A big time *sob* for me is no Casey Jones. The good news, though, he will be in season two.
    Teenage April could be a negative. For my money, it is not.

    I give this a 4*. Please, if you're a classic Turtles fan, try it.

  2.  Comedy Genius


    Definite buy if not for Christmas 2010 then just for yourself. I went to see this show when it was at South End Cliff's Pavillion and it was absoloutley hillarious. Every show Ross does is unique and normally completley different from every other he does. 10000% worth your money.

  3.  Alice in Underland


    At press time, this film has recieved a variety of reviews, many full of negativity. As this is a Tim Burton film, naturally two of the larger roles (besides Alice) are filled with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. True to Burton's unique style, this film is very out of the ordinary and does not follow the typical Alice plot you would expect. However, against the norm for Burton, much colour, mixed with dreary and desolate scenes, is used.
    The supporting cast, especially vocal roles are fabulous, Matt Lucas as Tweddle Dum and Tweddle Dee, Barbara Windsor as the Dormouse, Alan Rickman as Absolom and Stephen Fry as the Cheshire cat, to name a few.
    Besides all these and more amazing names, Alice herself is somewhat disappointing, Mia Wasikowska is drier than a mouthful of feathers and left me questioning why Burton chose her. As the title role she failed to prove to me she could truly carry this film and roleto the end, much like Daniel Radliffe is struggling with Harry Potter as the series grows deeper, and regrettably left me cringing in some lines.
    Visual effects also seemed more evidently CGI than I personally excpected, characters such as the Dormouse seemed to be pointing to themselves as animation rather than blending into the film as seamlessly as possible.
    As mentioned the plot does not follow as you would expect which makes for an interesting view of the film, however it is enjoyable, though occasionally questionable of its rating. Though Mia is dull, the plot is instantly captivating with 'Wonderland' not taking too long to be introduced. Certainly not all hype, Alice In Wonderland is enjoyable and entertaining, a definite must-see this spring, however, I would strongly recommend and remind that since this is a Burton film, wherever you watch this film before it comes to DVD, keep an open mind.

  4.  Corley Creational


    Realistically hannah montana is a unique concept. Ok so it's disney, theres always a moral, with most live action disney series'/films it's all about good clean fun.
    However-at the centre this film is a wonderous creation. Naturally being disney it has childish moments, then again so did high school musical 3. This film at its core is about growing and developing maturiity, various teen to adult transitions a lot of younger fans wouldnt understand. There's also a lot of issues regarding the death of the mother, again, stuff children would miss.
    This really is woth a watch. Theres so many moments that are truly touching and that really make you think. A few bad points-oliver kind of got left out, so did rico. Of course there's moments of cheese. Again, expected. So i would recommend this to all audiences.

  5.  in the words of simon cowel: horrendous


    if you know this song at all you'll know it is supposed to be a solemn song, that should be performed gently. alexandra has single handedly destroyed this song. this is oversung, when it doesnt need to be, and does not in any way capture the true emotion of the song. many of the lyrics are abndoned in place of improvisations and horrible pop music.
    this never ever ever should have been used for an x factor winner. the only person who maybe could have made this work from the x factor is diana vickers, who i hope does not end up a manufactured pop star.
    in short-alexandra wont be leona. she has a good voice but should never save sung this song. not a worthy christmas number one. pop travesty. avoid.

  6.  studio success


    This album is really good. As more of a fan of rock music i like a heavier beat which many of kelly's songs give. However part of me feels maybe the record label got the better of her on this album. Dont get me wrong, the songs on here are sung fantastically. But to me this isnt quite as good as my december. My december had a real raw edge to it that made me listen over and over again. Plus kelly wrote or co wrote nearly ever song. On this one kelly's only had input on some songs, which always changes emotionally how the singer sings the song.

    Songs on this that stand out to me:

    1) Whyyawannabringmedown-i love this. Makes me want to headbang, great guitar solo, just a genius song. Kerrang should play it!

    2) Cry-beautiful ballad.

    3) I do not hook up

    4) If i cant have you

    5) Impossible

    6) If no-one will listen

    My personal favourite is whyyawannabringmedown. Im so hoping it gets released as a single i think the video would be awsome! Also some of these tracks were written/co-written by katy perry...

    Definite buy. But i think the record label had their way a bit here.

  7.  admirable adaptation!


    ive finally seen this film. bearing in mind im a huge fan of the cartoons both 80's-90's and the more recent series, especially the recent series, im actually quite surprised just how impressed i am. when i realised shredder was not within the film i wasnt sure how to react but the film works. there is enough room at the end to provide a second with shredder. the voice cast realy works their characters the plot is good, very strong and very enjoyable. i will definitiley be watching this again. i give it 4/5. splinter wasnt quite right and i wasnt sure on mako as his voice,
    i do recommend this to tmnt fans. i wasnt disappointed and im sure you wont be either!

  8.  First Time is the Ultimate Charm


    No matter what anyone says, this, the first high school musical ever made, is the best. I do like third, dont get me wrong, but 3 feels overproduced and almost like they're trying too hard to make it bigger. The only thing missing from this? Corbein bleu singing on the soundtrack!

  9.  There is a But...


    Ive just sat and watched this and im not sure how i feel about it. Perhaps i need to watch it again, i dont know.
    While it is amazing-for a tv to big screen production they bumped it up just enough without ruining any character or the general feel of the film. It is also good that they kept with the same settings rather than using something bigger just because they have a bigger budget.
    One thing that kind of confused me is the way they used the music. Some of the songs were not used in the film in full. Also the ending was not how i was thinking it was going to be. The graduation mix of we're all in this together, was underused, and could have been used completley differently to make a more emotional end.
    In general...im glad they didnt use the middle part of 'gabriella leaves troy' in the same way. While, once again, the plot is similar to the previous two hsm's this was a lot more adult and while still totally unrealistic was portrayed well and still sweet.
    Of course...i will still be buying it.

  10.  Doesn't Disappoint


    Ive just finished listening to this-it certainly doesnt disappoint. The soundtrack is amazing and the song that sticks out for me is we're all in this together graduation mix. Its just an amazing version-so wonderfully done. Sends chills up my spine.
    Some might argue the bigger budget due to made-for-tv-movie to big screen production has made the music over-produced. And in some places this does come apparent. However-for any fan i can assure you it is worth it.
    We all know the 'recording' sessions on the dvd are not real. But it is still worth paying the extra money for the cd/dvd collaboration.
    I cannot wait to see the all in this togethere mix on film-but as a whole i cant wait to see the film.