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  1.  Disappointed.......


    I read the reviews and they are clearly mixed. I decided to buy it yesterday and read the manual with interest. I'm not usually impressed with Squad based games........Brothers in Arms was tedious but Ghost Recon restored the balance.......then this game came along. No tutorial was hard enough but once you work out how to command your squad its a real let down. I'm sure there are people in the Forces playing this (as I used to be) and the one thing this game gets totally wrong is you shouldn't have to nursemaid your squad around. They don't take cover until one of them is shot even though they have told you they have seen the enemy. I could go on but basically they don't do anything for themselves. The graphics for this game I felt were very poor. The effects when you order a barrage from one of your battleships is poor to say the least........a little bit of smoke and a vehicle with a dent in it when the smoke clears. The vehicles feel like your driving on ice when you can find one that works. The missions are disappointing.........destroy a SAM site and when you get there its one truck with three missiles on it.....destroy the RADAR station and when you get there its the size of a patio heater.
    Online was a real let down. You have the services again of 4 morons who can't think for themselves. Then you spend 10 minutes waiting for the opposition to outflank you. There is a distinct lack of game formats and 4 (humans) a side is poor. It feels like it has been rushed and I feel very annoyed that I've wasted my money on this game. Rent before you buy.

  2.  Fantastic!!


    Since the launch of cod4 i've played a few games on ps3 and generally been let down, so cod4 has been the only game i've played regularly. Cod5 in my opinion is fantastic! The attention to detail, the story mode, the massive battles (taking of the reichstag) and sound/visual effects are stunning. Now for the on-line bit (which is what has let me down with other great off-line games): This is as good as cod4 but harder. The camouflage for both teams is on a par (unlike if you were op-for in cod4, red hats and black tops in light brown areas). The maps are varied and there are many more places to take up a decent firing position. The addition of tanks has added a new twist and the artillery (5 kill streak) is a good touch. The only very minor criticism is the voices used when you play on-line. I.e. The german commander sounds a bit effeminate. Other than that, the game is great in my opinion and a very good sequal to cod4. Well done activision, wwii does work if done well!!!

  3.  Very poor


    Can't believe yet another poor game for the PS3. Graphics are PS2 standard. The game is repetative. The on-line play is absolutely rubbish. Can't anyone re-create the graphics of MGS4 and COD4. Sick of seeing trash for this system!!!
    Do not buy. Rent it for a giiggle.....

  4.  Worth every penny...


    Yes this game is a little short...........if you play it straight away on easy mode. Try it on veteran and it will take a lot longer than 6 hours lol!! The on-line, as everyone else has said, is what makes this game. The graphics are superb, good variety of maps. The only bad point I can think of is if you are placed on the OpFor side in a game they dress you in black which is a bit poor when the buildings are all sandy coloured!!! very minor point. Just buy it.