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  1.  Home Alone


    I hadn't seen it for about 15yrs then I saw it on Blu Ray and I bought it right away. It is an amazing transfer for it's age. One of my favourate childhood films at its best.

  2.  Teen Flick


    I've just watched this and I actually liked it. It is just a fun teen high school flick.

  3.  Sandler Grown Up


    I saw this last year and I think it's brilliant, I really can't understand why there are so many bad reviews, it's Sandler's best in a while.
    The Blu Ray transfer is also brilliant.

  4.  Wow


    I don't know why I waited so long to purchase this on blu ray.
    The transfer is brilliant
    A:10 (DTS HD)

  5.  Hot Pursuit


    I bought this game because so far I have only owned 2 racers on PS3 (Grid and NFS Drift) and neither were at par.
    I have only done about 1hr's worth of missions and it's a good racer.
    So far I prefer the cop missions to the racing missions ( the racing missions are good but when you play as a cop you get to smash up expensive cars) but like I said I have only played about 1hr of missions.
    I was lucky enough to have some money in my PS network account because I bought the BUGATTI VEYRON Supersport (Yes the same one that broke the land speed record at 270MPH) but unfortunatly EA have out a restrictor on in it just like BUGATTI did when they relised it so sadly it will only do 258MPH and that's fast especially when you press R1 twice (R1 is not nitros it changes view).
    In my opinon it is the best racer out for the PS3 ( I have not played GT5 because of reviews) and for 23.99 it's a bargain

  6.  Lethal Weapon


    I don't know what people are going on about the transfer to Blu Ray is brilliant.
    For the lads: Patsy Kensit's boobs ( Lethal Weapon 2) look brilliant upscaled to HD ( They were nice anyway but you know what I mean).

  7.  Harry Potter


    I love the Harry Potter films and I finally bought them on Blu Ray and the transfer is brilliant.

  8.  Toy Story


    In opinion this is the best cartoon ever, and on Blu ray it's amazing

  9.  Believe the HYPE


    I went to see the advanced screening of this and it is brilliant, all of the cast were brilliant together. It's non-stop action and some serious acting (especially from Rourke) and it has afew bits of comedy thrown in, and Jason Stathams fight sceens are better than Jet Li's but all a brilliant. Honestly this film is brilliant, you will not be disapointed. I went expecting a good film with an amazing cast but I left with a smile on my face and I found my self saying this is one of the best action films I have ever sceen. I can't wait for the release on Blu-Ray.

  10.  WWII at it's best


    I first played this for the Wii and I thought it was brilliant. I purchased a PS3 slim 6day's after release and I got COD4 with it, I played and finished it and it was amazing, then I pre-ordered COD6 MW2 and I got it monday and it is brilliant.
    I orderd this the other day and it came through today and it wasn't until I played it that I remembered how much I miss WWII games, I played them for PS1, PS2, and even the Wii, but COD5 WAW for PS3 is the best WWII game I have played, it's got everything amazing graphics, amazing weapons and an amazing storie but the online mode is lacking what COD4 MW has but it is still entertaining.
    Some people are trying to compare this to COD4 MW but it is impossible to do so, I for one have been playing WWII games since the PS1 but this game is the best. As good as COD4 MW is it does't make up for a WWII game and all WWII game fans know that since MEDAL OF HONOR FRONTLINE all game makers have failed to bring a good one to the table (I know there was MOH RS but it wasn't as good as FRONTLINE).
    I give this a 10/10 simply because of the storyline, graphics, online mode and of course the extra ZOMBI missions, honestly this is a good game please forget the COD4 fanatic's reviews because COD4 MW and COD5 WAW can not be compared simply because the stories are 50 - 60 years apart. This is a brilliant game and i for one recommend it to anyone who likes FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS.