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  1.  400 Hours gameply?


    When i'm into my 400th hour of the game you know its good i mean no racing game or fps does that these days especially without online play! I had the game for a few months as i bought on import and never regretted it, most definetly the best rpg on the ps3 to date and no doubt gonna be super rare in months to come so get a copy asap.

  2.  A Great Item


    Looks perfect next to my seph figure comes with a nice stand and has lots of poseable positions. The detail and quality is awesome gotta get Fenrir to go with it now. Also he has the most famous sword which means you can't go wrong really ;)

  3.  Great Fun For A Night In


    If you ever played buzz on the playstation 2 and liked it then get this! It's not as good as buzz but its still an awesome game on its own with thousands of questions and lots more coming for download in the near future from Live! you wont get bored quickly of the same questions. I played tons and have not seen a question asked twice yet! Not to mention 4 controllers included in the price! If you really don't like the controllers though you can use regular pads which is very handy.

  4.  Not the best in the series but nearly!


    if you played the other 2 games you will love this game! The only reason I never give 5 stars is if you never played ahalo game getting into this is hard work. The online is fun with friends but get some friends b4 trying online. The reason I do stress this is there are a lot of people on this game that live off upsetting others and will name call you rotten when they kill you and theres only so much I can take of this game.

  5.  5 games in 1 for £40?? AWESOME


    Pure and simply you got 5 games here the hl2 series (3 games) portal (a brand new game where you have only 1 gun and all it does it create portals from 1 place to another) which is awesome! and team fortress 2 which is online crazy fun you havea class for everybody and so much to do you will never get bored till at least 2008 anyway. If you gotta choose between this and Halo 3 get this it has a LOT more bang for your buck :)

  6.  Not the best racing title


    well its true tehre is a lot to do on this game you still get that nagging feeling you done it all before on PGR3 this doesn't touch Forza but it does however match bikes against cars a nice feature in itself but you will probably always choose a car over a bike as bikes are a nightmare to drive! if you liked PGR3 you will like this if you are not a big racing gamer AVOID as its very tricky to get the hang of its not a pick up and play game. Graphics are great though and buildings look nice but I personally prefer Forza by a longshot it beats this in every way and is half the price!

  7.  Great But!....


    This is a great game with great gameplay and the back storys nice but its mixed facts with fiction and learning about a famous composer isn't everybodys cup of tea.. thankfully you cna skip all info about the composer of the soundtrack and play this truly great RPG its fighting style is a cross between grandia and star ocean with an anime feel. One of the must have games for the 360 right now and its out 6 months before PS3 version.

  8.  Great Piece Of Kit


    Ignore the fanboys who post on here saying it breaks down this machine is built like a tank! The 360 had its problems and is now fine but the ps3 has the lowest percent failure rate of all consoles on the market right now. Anyways this is great value for money sure its not got the ps2 playback but your saving £100 so why not spend that on a ps2 if you really need that feature? The great thing about this version is its got everything in the box inc stuff not even the 360 has like wireless internet. You are saving £100 off the 60gb version so grab a bargain today!

  9.  WARNING!


    Althought the game is good I don't recommend this to many as the specs listed on play.com are bare minimum! unless you got an 8800 graphics card STAY AWAY FROM THIS CARD! I advise you to get the 360 version over this one if you got a 360 or at least try the demo to see how well it plays on your system b4 buying. I hope this helps somebody..

  10.  Possibly The Best Comedy Ever!


    This show will have you laughing your socks off every time you watch it. This is better than friends and also has a very serious side to it that connects you to the show. The mix is perfect and the actors are perfect for the show. I recommend this to ANYBODY!