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  1.  great little player


    hard to fault this. been using mine for 18 months for running and riding to work. still looks and works like new belt clip still in place!. easy to skip tracks, turn up vol. and switch on and off without having to look down when cycling etc. nice and small too.

  2.  nice try


    its a good topic - weapons of mass destruction in iraq.
    the backdrop had great potential with its crowds, ghettos and the former palace etc, and some of the aerial shots were great. But using fast-paced, darkly lit action scenes mixed with brain-mashing 'bourne identity' type dialogue in the off-scenes in order to explain what was going on, left me totally cold. i cant even remember who the good guys were or who won? or will all that be explained in the next one?

  3.  good performance - yeah


    ok, a good performance for the title role, but i found myself drifting off in several points during the movie and im no slouch. gritty, arty realism mixed in with in camera monologues, and past/present storyline left me cold im afraid. an excellent opportunity to tell a good story missed.

  4.  average game- what an opportunity missed.


    gottlieb pinball is ok for a pinball sim, but it could be a lot better. if you are a 40 something who used to play pinball in your local pub or arcade this may bring back few memories. There are 9 tables to play on, but i only play 3 cos i found the others too frustrating or uninteresting to play. The default (unchangeable) view of the table is the 'follow the ball' type and it is very hard to keep the ball in play on some of the tables as you cannot see which flipper will receive the ball untill the last second - very annoying. Also you can launch and watch 3 balls side gully with maddening regularity - i found myself grinding my teeth at some of the tables. The ball physics and graphics are good and it great to be able to play a pristine pinball machine from the 1960's,70's and 80's, but Gottlieb machines were not particularly impressive in real-life and the machines chosen here illustrate some of the table design weaknesses very nicely. Most of the tables do not play as well as the 'pro pinball' pc range from 10 years ago or some even as well as the pinball that comes with windows. £17 delivered - worth it if you love pinball, I wouldnt pay a penny more than that for it.