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  1.  Bloc Party, From Great, To Even Greater, To Top Notch


    Always loved bloc party from silent alarm (original and remix) to weekend in the city to this true fan for now and always, keep up the good work :d

  2.  Amazing Look, Amazing Style


    These Bluetooth Headphones Are What I Bought To Replace My Sony Bluetooth Headphones, Which After A Year Of Aggressive Abuse One Of The Headphones Has Given Up The Fight, Now Only One of The Ears Has Constant Music, The Other I Have Too Adjust, But As I Was Saying, Bought These Too Replace... Oh Yes, This Headset Is Top Notch... W!CK3D... Absobloodylutely Fantastic... I Have Only 2 Little Problems... It Seems To Dislike Connecting When I Tell It Too, So Instead Of Being Able Too Disconnect Then Reconnect When I Please I Have Too Turn The Headset Off And On... And My Other Problem Is The Right Ear Bud Has Torn... So i Had Too Change Too A Large Ear Bud So I Could Keep The Suction, But Other Than These 2 Things I LOVE It, Range Is Bloody Fantastic, Looks Great, Phones Are Good No Need Too Buy Extra Ones Expecting The Included Ones Too Be Crap, And The Best Feature Other Than The Obvious Is That Even If You Do Damage The Wire On These Headphones You Can Buy More Because It Has A Jack... How Good Is That??? :P

  3.  What great value


    i bought this phone to have as a backup to my w710i and now the only reason im not using it as my main well the only 2 is 1 that it is locked to vodafone and i use t-mobile and 2 i have to have walkman app or i wont survive, i use my current phone firstly for music then as a phone secondly. i use the speakers this came with with my currenbt phone and their great!!! the memory card hasn't been used yet but it is expected to be as good just half the size of my current. so to finish off this review i would like to say great phone with great specs and great value, only problem... not walkmanised. reccomended

  4.  good album, not sure why it is so cheap?


    this album i believe is great and the thing i dont understand is why it is so cheap? obviously im not going to complain but it should be stll atleast 7.99 or something similar not £5 thats a bit cheap for an amazing band like bloc party. but what can you do? good album!!! recommened.



    WOW this movie is good love it, it is the best comedy/action/gorefest ever!!!! it is hilarious, grousome, and the action scene is GREAT!!! i would recommend it to anyone who is after a great big laugh, and if you like shaun of the dead because there are so many references to it in this movie with the same actors as b4. oh and who likes bill bailey? (i get 1 million screams of "YES who doesn't?") well you'll be happy he plays 2! thats right 2 characters in this movie he plays the police desk reception twins and is very funny. GREAT MOVIE, GREAT CAST, GREAT GAGS.


  6.  ok?... different but GOOD!!!


    i preordered this phone at least a month b4 it was released and im sooooo glad i did it is an amazing album and some of the songs i find to be almost personal to me as the lyrics describe things personal to me it is a good album new sounding but great reccomend it all the time.

  7.  FUNNY but only once


    OK OK listen this movie is amazingly funny... the first time round, it is not one of those movies you watch over and over again and keep on laughing it is one of those you watch once laugh a lot and never watch again because you know all of whats going to happen so this therefor takes away the element of surprise comedy... for the reason of it being so funny the first time round i give it 5 stars but i recommend for anyone not to watch it more than once so as not to ruin this amazing movie

  8.  good book.. not entirlely what was expected.


    this title is a book that is slightly humourus but not amazing it is mainly just a book about the general mistakes people make, for example henry VIII only had 2 wives, legally, yes he married 6 women but 4 of those where annuled so never legally happened. so if like me you like to correct you r friends when they make general mistakes of knowledge buy this, and also if you like to find out what your saying is right or wrong then also buy buy buy.

  9.  this is the best purchase i've ever made...... EVER


    unlike the original commenter this item works perfectly well with my phone as he says yes you do nedd to have that bluetooth streaming capabilitys on your phone, but that is easy to find out just check your manufacturars website and if you have a sony ericsson walkman phone as far as i know it works on all of them. so all in all i would recommend this item to anyone who like me has had trouble with thier headphone connection or just wants wireless headphones, and btw i own a sony ericsson w710i and it works like a star.