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  1.  Simply WOW!


    So finally the new forza is here. So whats it like? Well take the old one (if you played it of course) and just double well....EVERYTHING! And then some! Seriously this is easily the best driving and racing game available today and honestly nothing and I mean nothing will beat it EVER! Okay now that's finished lets get on with the game. Well its ships with two discs like the previous one did, but the new one gives you an extra 100 cars! taking the total to over 600! And with new car packs every month from release day that total could be close to 700 by may 2012. Then there is the graphics, all i'm gonna say is this, i was watching one of my replays when the missus came in and asked if i was watching top gear! They are that good. And did i mention you get the infamous top gear test track on the game aswell. Along with a new mode called Autovista, this mode enables the player to explore cars and find out more about them, i know it sounds boring but with kinect its not, you get to walk around the car opening doors, getting into the car, start the engine, open the bonnet, and boot all in eyewatering 1080p! If you think the in game graphics couldn't be beaten, wait till you get to autovista! oh and clarkson also gives you a quick review on each car you view, with clarkson attitude! Honestly this game rocks even if your not into racers that much, at least try this its been designed to cater from the casual gamer to the hardcore. Just buy it already you wont regret it!

  2.  AVOID!!!


    Avoid this game at all costs. It's not the game you think it is going to be. If you enjoy playing shooters online then this might be your thing, because the actual campaign is exactly the same as online, it's like deathmatch style matches you get to play online, you get no help on missions, as terms of where to go what to do just a message in the left hand corner of the screen telling you what to do, the map is not useful either just a blur of green and red (green you and your allies, red your enemies). the graphics are okay what you have come to expect these days, but they could be better. i mean with the calibre of shooters out there, there isn't any real point of buying this. I did the same thing most people did, think it will be a good game and are completely shellshocked when you get it home and play it! I traded mine it straight away! Don't make the same mistake i did!

  3.  Great Game!


    Stranglehold is a bit of a marmite game, You either love it or hate it. Myself i love it!
    The game is a breath of fresh air. When you think 3rd person shooter you think, just going round shooting stuff, this is the same, but, the ability to use prescion shooting is something new and very good to use, aswell as the face offs very cool, the graphics are what you would expect, the gameplay can feel daunting at times and generally boring but the constant action, blood, gore and new styles of shooting make this a must buy!