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  1.  The Stars Are For The Performance


    As already mentioned the picture quality of the Full Uncut version, is not top quality DVD perfection. It was sourced from a VHS tape by Network DVD (who also have released the 'Cut' 50min version. The reason for this is the original master tape at ITV for the complete version is lost forever, only the cut version remains (hence the cut version DVD being better quality).
    So if you want to see a better quality DVD buy the standard version, if you want an additional 50mins worth of material buy this one.

  2.  Box Office Hit


    Obviously the other 2 reviewers (at the time of writing) are not old enough to remember this movies original release. It was one of the surprise box office hits of 1993, more than trebling it's budget in the opening weekend in the US alone, and spawning 5 sequels.
    So I'm sure the director was quite happy with the final result, as it is it's no more than a typical low budget horror with a sense of humour. Switch your brain off before watching and you will enjoy it.

  3.  A Good Movie


    The one star review was written by someone who has not seen this film. Just another one of the 'we should hate everything this director makes, because he made a few movies based on video games that some people didn't like and it's cool to hate him'.
    Well it's no longer cool to hate him so you better find something else to do in your spare time, as this hit's the mark and if you like a decent realistic war movie then you won't go far wrong, especially at this budget price.

  4.  Posh People Have Affairs...Yawn


    I was disappointed with this movie for a few reasons, the main one being that it was described as a 'Thriller'...which its not.
    Its also not set in the world of Tennis (just a few references as the main character is an ex tennis pro), so no matches or anything.
    Thirdly, this is a Woody Allen film and says it has dark comic moments, again i must have missed those when i fast forwarded through the trailers.
    If you like to see posh people have PG rated affairs then this films for you!

  5.  A Good Sequel, Needs To Be A Trilogy


    As sequel's go this is good, it could have been better but it has some excellent moments. It does feel like its trying to hard at times, especially some of the scenes with the female FBI agent played by Julie Benz doing the 'walkthrough' of the crime scenes, which are a bit cringe-worthy at times.
    A good third movie would make this an excellent trilogy, hopefully if they do we don't have to wait another 10 years for the next one!

  6.  Update The Firmware And Its Excellent


    After setting this up with the easy step by step install CD and instructions, go update to the latest firmware at Belkin.
    It's easy to do and takes less than 10mins, im not sure if i can put the router setup utility page (i cant, not allowed by play), you can find it at the Belkin website or by using Google, just search for 'Belkin Wireless Router Utility Page'.

    Once you find the web address for the utility just go and select the 'Firmware Update' option, it will show you the latest version after checking, then follow the simple instructions (click a few boxes basically).

    After updating the firmware I have an excellent steady connection with my Virgin Cable (if you don't update it might stutter a bit causing problems with streaming video and with certain pages not loading fully).
    Connects easily to anything i've tried, ipod touch, phone and net book and i get excellent speeds with all three. With the firmware update i'd recommend this to anybody on cable. It even comes with a USB wifi adaptor which you can plug into a non wifi enabled laptop or PC and make it wireless, these sell for at least a fiver on there own, so a bargain at this price (17.99).

  7.  Excellent Phone, Excellent Price


    I've had this a couple of weeks now and the 3G is excellent for a quick browse or checking a phone number or train time etc on the go. Its very fast compared to standard GPRS or EDGE, the screen is also nice and clear and easy to read.
    It works with Google Maps and Opera Mini, Googles Maps load almost instantly and its much better for directions than the supplied OVI Map program, hopefully OVI will get better as even after downloading all the software and stuff to my PC it wont download the maps to the phone (its not 100% compatible yet?), im presuming Nokia will update this soon as this is quite a new handset, and its the only problem I have had, but Google Maps is better anyway (in my opinion) for a non GPS phone.
    The phone itself is excellent, phonecalls are very clear and texting is a breeze with the familiar Nokia setup. The phone looks like its worth more money, everyone one who has seen it wants to touch it and a couple of people have since ordered one.
    The camera is only 2mp but its a good 2mp, it takes a steady photo and not blurred or out of focus like some higher spec phone cameras I have used, so ideal for a quick snap.
    The only other thing I would mention, there is no USB/PC cable included in the box despite it being listed as included. You do get a 1GB micro SD card so you can add files to that or use bluetooth to move files so not too big a problem, but if you want to use the phone as a modem you will need a USB cable and you can pick one up for a couple of pounds.
    Great phone, great price, you wont get much better for your money.

    UPDATE - Ovi Maps can now be downloaded and updated through the Ovi software, and they work perfectly. A handy hint if you have any problems using the map software or are getting messages of places not found is, turn off the connect to internet option completely in the software as it seems to conflict with the maps you have already installed. You get the full map software the only thing you dont get is 'voice directions', Nokia charge for this, they make a big point of it all being free but if you want voice guidance they charge you.

  8.  Worth Watching


    This movie is not as boring as some reviews suggest, its a nice mild romantic comedy and has quite a few really good laugh out loud moments.
    Admittedly it does not feel as polished as Ricky's other starring big Hollywood role 'Ghost Town', but its certainly not a bad film. Its worth watching at least once.

  9.  A Lot Better Than I Thought It Would Be


    I'm a bloke and I really enjoyed this series, it just kept getting better and they ended it just as it was getting really good which is a shame.
    You can see that they changed the format (for the better) by the time it ended it was edge of the seat stuff, but typical FOX ended it in its prime like they have done with a lot of shows, Futurama, Family Guy (twice).
    To answer the question below, it does have Swedish (and English) subtitles on the UK release.

  10.  Its An 80's Slasher Horror!


    This is an 80's Slasher Horror movie, and as 80's slasher movies go its not a bad one. If you know what to expect from this type of movie then you won't be as disappointed as the other reviewer here at play.
    It has the usual group of teens who are not in the movie because of there acting talent but solely to get bumped off (and take showers).
    Its much better than a lot of similar movies, its low budget, its bad acting, its an 80's slasher movie!