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  1.  Great but reviews are somewhat misleading


    I received my saber today, and cannot really fault it. Its a lovely item, nice and weighty and in the dark looks the business. Main reason im reviewing is just to let future customers know that you are only getting one saber, not two. I wanted the Anakin one, partly because it was slightly cheaper and partly because I wanted blue over red. The reason I bought this one is because the previous reviews led me to think id receive two sabers . This isnt plays fault and more my own for not checking I guess, and its still a cool item to have, I just wouldnt want anyone to make the same mistake.

  2.  Must Own!


    Already own Fight club on DVD but when I saw it was being released for Blu Ray i knew i had to buy it. The film is simply a must see, its top 10 movies of all time standard. As for the actual Blu Ray disk itself, the quality is very good, the film looks stunning. Overall, if youve never seen Fight Club you owe it to yourself to watch it, if you have you should watch it in HD as it looks incredible.

  3.  Never a dull moment!


    Saw his show live in Nottingham, watched the dvd last night thanks to play and I was in stitches both time. Must own for Christmas, the whole family will be crying with laughter.

  4.  Amazing Game


    Tried the demo, loved it. Got the game, its stunning. Best racing game ive played in a very long time.

  5.  Really good


    Im a 19 year old male and despite going into the cinema with my girlfriend thinking id just wasted a fiver i came out having had a great time, in all honesty i probably enjoyed it more than she did. Ive seen it twice now (cinema and on a plane) and im going to be buying the dvd as its a very enjoyable film.

  6.  Great game


    Love the game, great change of pace from the usual barrage of FPS titles. Its colourful, tactical, challenging and most importantly fun. Cant ask for much more. Probs my fave game of this year so far.

  7.  Best phone ive ever bought


    Decided to buy an iPhone after struggling to carry my Ipod, phone, wallet etc all together. Didnt buy mine from play (got one second hand) but since i got it i havent out it down. Functionality wise its top notch, easy to navigate, touch screen works a charm. Looks stunning, the 2MP camera produces surprisingly sharp images. The main party piece is the ipod mode, full music and video support, expertly integrated. The iPhone is essentially an iTouch, but with a phone built in. Its expensive but worth every penny in my opinion.

  8.  Brilliant Game


    Bought the game on a whim, wasnt expecting to much, however ive thoroughly enjoyed myself with it. Its scary, its action packed, its nerve wrenching...its just brilliant. Highly recommend it!

  9.  One of the best games this decade


    What can i say, its a modern day classic, up there with the best games ever. You owe it to yourself to play this game.

  10.  Not as bad as everyone says


    Okay this game isnt great, however i think its been given a trouncing it didnt deserve, it a good enough game and for under £20 its good value for money.