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  1.  Halo 3


    This game is really great. I like the second one (never played the first) but not as much as I like this one. The graphics are brilliant and online is so addictive. I played this game all the time when I got it and then I started playing another for a bit, and then found I was going back to halo 3 again because you just cant get enough of this. Although the story is short, online will have you playing for hours. With plenty of ranks to go through (and all the experience needed to get to the top rank) halo will have you playing online for hours on end. The downloadable maps are brilliant, especially the legandary map pack.

  2.  Awesome!!!


    This game is without doubt one of the best. On this, you can do just about everything you can on Monster Hunter Freedom 1 and a lot more. The new monsters are so brilliant and the new weapons are just as good. The names of the places are the same but inside they are totally different to the first game, except the forest and hills which (personally) is great as it is. With new monsters and weapons, you can expect a longer game, and at times, more of a challenge. Anyone who liked the first monster hunter, will love this game twice as much!! It really is worth getting!!

  3.  The best


    The PSP really is great and Sony have really done a good job of making this. The menus are easy to use and the settings are easy to find and adjust. It easy enough to put in and take out the memory stick and the game disks. The internet feature is great especially when you go on an online multiplayer game, because that really is the PSP at its best. The only problem I have with it, is the lack of good games but apart from that its awesome!!

  4.  Good but not brilliant


    Bully is a good game and you can tell rockstar made it because of the style of the gameplay. At first I found this game addictive and fun and I was on it for ages, but after a few weeks I got bored as it didnt really excite me anymore.

  5. XIII



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    XIII is a great game. When I go on it im usually on it for ages. This is a great game and addictive.

  6.  Brilliant


    The powerball is a great gadget. When I got it I couldn't put it down and I was using it for hours, until my arm started to ache. The powerball is good for loosening up wrists for people who play sports which require the use of hands like tennis. It is also good for loosening wrists for drummers as well and other musicians.

  7.  Great game


    Guild Wars is a brilliant game and is good to pass the time with because the player will spend hours on it. This game does have a few bad points. For instance, the maximum level your character can go to. There also doesn't seem to be a plot or story to it and the game is basically complete quests and level up. This game is still good non-the-less.

  8.  disappointing


    Spiderman 3 was such a disappointment. The gameplay is not that much better than the previous game of number two. The only difference is that there are new enemies and you can change your costume. Overall this game is not very good at all.

  9.  What a Show!!!


    The chili peppers perform amazingly well. The songs are performed perfectly and this DVD really shows the chili peppers at their best.

  10.  Great game


    Killzone is a brilliant game. The player can go through the game unlocking new weapons which are better than the one before them. The player can also play against other people on ad hoc or infrastructure. This infrastructure mode is a downloadable upgrade for the game and this mode really is a brilliant feature which can give hours of fun to try to be the best.