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  1.  Poor Multiplayer and short campaign


    I loved MW2, so much that when i bought Black Ops it sat in its cover and never got played! As Activision do a better job with their releases i decided to invest in MW3 and i have been disappointed with the result. The multiplayer online experience is worse than MW2 and the campaign lasted less than 8 hours. The end was a massive anti-climax, it's a great franchise but this is, in my opinion, the worst of the Activision releases. Sorry

  2.  Mind blowing (almost literally)


    I played COD4 late in the day on the XBox, but bought this when it first came out. Initially i found the online play tough going as i wasn't familiar with the maps and gun combinations, but the online play is so good that i haven't progressed that far into the campaign mode. Someone states that the campaign mode is tough as you're surrounded by enemy and blood on the visor doesn't help, i tend to agree in the campaigns that i have played its been about dying the first time and then knowing where the enemy are to progress. However, if you like the online play against friends and strangers it has it all, graphics are stunning and online play is highly addictive.

  3.  Brilliant entertainment


    When i bought this game, there was a review that said it was quite a short game. I bought it for my 5 year old to play (and secretly myself of course) and i have to say that the game far exceeded my expectations. There are all three games, but beyond this you cannot complete the entire game without going back with characters that you acquire as you go through the story in free play mode. Also, there is a puzzle to complete at the college which requires you to gain artefacts from the story etc... and you can buy super powers too, gripping game and very engaging! Must buy!

  4.  Poor quality and faulty product too!


    The silicone gloves feel fine on the remote initially, unfortunately they're just not robust enough to stand use. Mine ripped on both skins within 2 weeks. Also, the biggest failing is that you cannot charge the remote with the skin on, so you either pull it up over the charger section each time, or take it off (pointless then!) I would not waste your money with these. There is bound to be a better version come out in the near future.

  5.  Pillock


    As one reviewer has written, is it James Blunt's fault his music has been so overplayed? The guy scoring him as a one clearly doesn't like his music and therefore adds no value to this section, just simply slates him. For what it's worth, the guy is an amazing singer with a very unique voice and a vocal range beyond most dross on the radio. 1973 is another strong song and i think the album will be another bestseller. I'd like to see a little more variation on his tones, very melancholy, which i like but even REM did some real "dance around" tunes and i hope the album has some upbeat elements. If you've not bought Back to Bedlam yet, you need to. Most of those who say he's rubbish are only saying it to stand out as they have no personality themselves with which to stand out by!