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  1.  Incubus are best live


    This is a great release by incubus. I watched the whole HQ session on google and was hoping it would be released on CD. Incubus are a great unique rock band and they are best when live. I was lucky enough to see them live 3 times now in London and they got better with each show. They know how to move a crowed and play instruments well. Brandon has a great voice and rarely makes mistakes.

    This is a great little session for fans, I wish i was there to watch it live. Some of their classics were slightly altered to sound even better in some occasions. A must buy for any fan.

  2.  Amazing


    This without a doubt is my favourite Incubus album. It has some great stand out tracks like The Warmth, Steller, Drive and Pardon Me amongst many many other great songs like I Miss You, Privilege, Nowhere fast, Consequence and Make Yourself. It is one of the best rock albums I have personally ever heard and very very underrated. They know how to write songs, play them and produce great albums as well as live performances.

  3.  Superb


    Yet another Incubus classic album. From start to finish you are treated to great rock music. This has some of their catchiest songs as well like Wish you were here and one of my all time personal favorites Just A Phase.. there are also other great classics like Mexico and Aqueous Transmission that again prove how creative Incubus are as a band.

  4.  Personal favourite


    Although far from being their best album, this holds a special place to me because it was when I first started to become a big fan of Incubus. It also was the first time i saw them live on their Light Grenade tour and they were simply amazing.

    The great thing about this album is the mixture of songs, melody and heavy they keep a great balance and it makes it a great album to listen to from start to finish. It also has a fantastic album cover, very creative. Highly Recommended.

  5.  Fantastic


    I am a huge fan of Incubus and what makes me like them so much is the fact that they have such a wide variety of songs and styles. If you listen to their discography in order you would learn that Incabus have always been about making new things and normally doing well at it. This is no different. At first, like many probably, I was a bit unsure because it is nothing like their previous albums. There is not one 'heavy metal' type song but mostly soft balads. I think this will appeal to people with an open mind who can appreciate what Incubus is actually all about and what they have been doing for a few years now.

    The band is also one of the best I have heard live, they really are special and deserve more credit than what they get. Great album.

  6.  A sign of promisess.


    This is an absolute must album for any Eminem fan. I would though say that any true fan would and should have heard this by now anyways. I am not sure how casual fans would find this album but it is a must if you want to see how skillful he was since a very young age.

    The lyrics, flow and everything else on here is fantastic. Some people aren't big fans of the beats but i love the whole album and highly recommend it.

  7.  One of the best in 2007


    A lot of people have a problem with some of the actions caused by some characters in the movie but not many actually go deep into the characters minds. I can sit here all day explaining how I, myself viewed those actions but at the end of the day everyone sees and decides things differently and maybe that's why this movie is probably my favorite of the year.

    First of all, the acting was superb and the movies pace was just perfect. The plot is beautiful and very heart whelming in some parts. I am a huge western fan and to see them still being made like this makes me really happy. I hope this continues because this was a genre that ruled Hollywood at one point.

    Must get film.

  8.  Jackie Chan at his best.


    This was where it all started for Chan. If you are a fan of old kung fly flicks and don't mind a fight every few seconds than this is the movie for you. The story like most Kung Fu flicks from its Era is all about revenge with a bit of comic added to the plot. All in all a must see for any Kung Fu or Jackie Chan fans.

    Also how could I forget, Sam the seed.