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  1.  A must of MGS fans


    if your new to Metal Gear Solid, you might find it abit puzzling at times, but for the hardcore, its great... and the return to shadow moses was awesome! stunning game, with stunning graphics... cant wait to play through it again!!

  2.  Best Game Ive Played in YEARS!


    WOW! What a game, best game ive played in ages! The mood it sets is brilliant, the storyline is fantastic, the graphics are brilliant, the sound is 2nd to none. the perfect sci-fi survival horror... best played on hardest setting with the lights off!!!! awesome

  3.  What a let down!


    I was looking forward to this for ages, and got it on release day... what a let down it was. Now im a fan of simulator racing games, and this was hyped up 'from the makers of GTR' on the PC... but its awful. Suffers from glitchy movement when close racing and overtaking and constant freezing, And you have to save your replay and watch it in the menu???? what??? online is a buggy wasteland and pitstops make me cringe, for a simulator there doesnt seem to be anyone changing my tyres when i pit.. oh and after driving through other cars to get to my garage? dont waste your money. Get a Forza, PGR4 or even mario kart, its a better sim.

  4.  PlayStation 1 Version?


    Awful graphics, and an absolute glitch festival online!
    Sound was pretty good, and story line was decent! dont buy expecting to play for hours online!

  5.  Great Game


    Brilliant game, and Guitar Hero World Tour Guitars work fine on it!

  6.  Fifa Smashes Pro Evo


    i used to be a big pro evo player, loved pro evo 5, then it all sort of fizzled out... Fifa 08 was a great improvment and 09 has just raised the bar 10 fold... and the new downloadable 'ultimate team' game is just brilliant! cant wait for Fifa10!!!

  7.  HQ


    Great headset with a fantastic recharge feature that once the on screen display says your batterys are getting low, you just pop it in the dock, and it automatically re-routes the in-game communication through your TV so you can keep on talking!

  8.  Epic


    Superb Graphics and Sound, and an epic multiplayer experience! controls take a little getting used to after the likes of call of duty, but give it a day and you'll be ok... just remember its easier whilst shooting off the hip instead of aiming down the sight.

  9.  Brilliant!!


    If you go straight from Call of duty 4 to this game you wont like it, but after a while and once your clued up on the controls weapons and massive maps its brilliant! if you like fast paced shooters with 50-60-70 kills per game you wont like it, this is more tactical than a simple deathmatch. Any previous battlefield fans should get it! newcomers should give it time!